10 Impossible Facts About Santa Claus

Ever wondered just how Santa achieves the amazing feat of delivery a Christmas gift to every home around the globe?  Just what does it take to deliver to children all over the world. 

Here’s a collection of interesting facts about Santa and his team:-

  1. In 365 days, comprising 24 hours each, Santa does just 31 hours of work.  That’s how long it takes to deliver millions of presents, thanks to differing time zones.
  2. He comes down the chimney, but doesn’t need a chimney to enter the house.
  3. With global population of 6.7 billion people, of which around 28% are under 15 years old, thats over 5 millions presents that the elves need to make in Santas workshop every day of the year.
  4. He somehow knows whether each child has been good or bad throughout the year.
  5. In Poland, Santa Claus gives out gifts on the 6th of December .
  6. Reindeer can’t actually fly, The ninth reindeer, Rudolf, was brought on to the team in 1939.
  7. Santa has different names in countries around the world, including Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Pere Noel, Sinterklaas.
  8. The North Pole is freezing, so how come water-based presents and heat sensitive gifts aren’t damaged?
  9. With the weight of presents and the speed that he needs to travel, Santa faces G forces of over 17000G during his journey.
  10. Santa travels at approximately 3,000 times the speed of sound– no wonder Norad says it’s tracking the fast thing in the world! 

With all these amazing facts about this much loved character, it’s no wonder he continues to fascinate us. 

Maybe the most inspiring thing of all is that he leaves gifts for millions of children in countries around the world and is loved universally by kids everywhere.

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