20 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

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Earning money fast is something everyone is looking for. But the means should be legal and also possible. There are several ways to do so. We have highlighted top 20 ways that passed through our tests of legality and ethics.

  • Participate in Surveys – Online survey portals offer cash vouchers and it’s very simple to earn them. You just need to fill in your opinion in the online survey sheets and keep earning points.

  • Be a blogger – Pick a topic you love and start writing on it. It would be about travel, astrology, cooking, movie reviews, and technology, anything at all. Once you have created a blog, leverage it into affiliate sales or product endorsement deals.

  • Be a Tutor – Share your knowledge by can either conduct tuition classes at one location or online. Charge a fee and earn a steady monthly income.

  • Review stuff – You can share your views on a particular product. It could be toys, books, mobile phones, make-up, games, food, and so on.

  • Play games online – Another fun way to earn money is by playing online rummy playing cards games online that offer free cash prizes. You can rummy card game online or poker games to win real cash. Just know all the rummy tips and poker tips before you begin.

  • Be a freelancer or freelance writer – Doing freelance work can help you earn money every month. You can take up web designing, typing jobs, writing, proofreading, and lots more.

  • Be a virtual assistant – Virtual assistances (VAs) do everything from checking emails and making travel plans. You can find many reputable websites online offering such jobs.

  • Be an online travel agent – If you enjoy making travel plan, this one is for you. Plan holidays for others and share the plan for a fee. Then do their bookings and take a commission on the same.

  • Fix Google’s mistakes – Many renowned website such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. pay you for fixing their search results. You simply have to mend the errors and make them qualitative, relevant, and useful.

  • Be a caregiver – Help the elderly take a walk or feed them and give them medications. It’s also a noble way to earn money.

  • Be a Pet sitter – If you love pets, you will love this job. Take care of dear little dogs and cats and earn some money will doing so.

  • Be a Babysitter – Kids need be to be supervised and often parents are caught up in chores that don’t allow them to be with their little ones. You can help fill in here by being a babysitter.

  • Cook – Many working people often hire personal chefs to cook meals for them. If you are good at the art, nothing can stop you from minting a wad of cash every month.

  • Sell antiques – Have a room full of old photographs, movie posters, toys, and sewing machines? They are in high demand and you can easily make a small fortune by selling them.

  • Sell online – Consider selling some unused things on Ebay, OLX and Facebook groups.

  • Sell your books – Books have you have read already and don’t need anymore, can be sold on specific second hand books websites.

  • Rent your parking space – If you have a spare parking space, then give it on rent.

  • Rent your automobile – Give your car on rent to someone who needs it. There are many online platforms for this business.

  • Rent your clothes online – Clothes especially the ones you wear for weddings are worn the least but always in high demand. Rent them out and start earning.

  • Rent your sports gear – Most people aren’t frequent trekkers or mountain climbers, so they prefer to take the gear on rent instead of buying it. If you own things like camp tents, photography equipment’s, etc. give them on rent.

Danny White Author