30 Facts About Scotland

1. Scotland has over 700 islands but only 130 of them are inhabited
2. The Television, Telephone and VCR were all invented by a Scotsman
3. Scotland makes £3 billion from whiskey sales per year
4. Edinburgh is twinned with four cities, San Diego, Vancouver, Florence and Dunedin in New Zealand
5. Glasgow City Chambers has a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty
6. Dundee was built at the bottom of a dormant volcano
7. The deepest part of Loch Ness is 227 metres deep
8. Edinburgh Castle is the most visited tourist attraction in Scotland
9. Scotland is roughly the same size as South Carolina in the States and is about twice the size as the Netherlands
10. Scotland is known as the home of golf
11. The Scottish Football League includes a team situated in England, Berwick Rangers
12. Inverness is now a city but only has a population of just over 42,000 and is the 16th largest city or town in Scotland
13. Edinburgh has been the capital city since 1437
14. Annie Lennox formerly of 80’s band Eurythmics was born in Aberdeen and used to work in a fish factory shelling crabs
15. The largest loch in Scotland is Loch Lomond and is 24 miles in length
16. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish and is made with sheep intestines
17. Aberdeen claims to have the second biggest heliport in the world
18. Glasgow’s original underground railway system was cable operated and is the oldest underground system in the world
19. Finger Printing, Tyres and Penicillin were all invented in Scotland
20. The River Tay is the longest river stretching 120 miles
21. The official animal of Scotland is the unicorn
22. The University of Dundee was ranked first in Europe by an international poll of scientists
23. Scotland is 8th in the world for alcohol consumption per head
24. Edinburgh was the first city to have it’s own fire brigade
25. Former Formula 1 driver Stirling Moss was named after the town of Stirling, the birthplace of his mother
26. Edinburgh is home to Jenners, the oldest department store in the world
27. The Southern Upland Way is a 212 mile coast-to-coast route from Portpatrick in Dumfries & Galloway to Cockburnspath in Berwickshire
28. Ben Nevis located near Fort William is Scotland and Britain’s highest mountain at 1,343m
29. The Isle of Skye has 400 miles of coastline and was home to the Vikings for over 550 years
30. Kirkcaldy in Fife was once the world’s linoleum capital

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