5 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year

Many people seek to visit new and exciting places to spend New Year’s Day, since this is probably the most important event of the year for most people. This guide takes a look at five of the best places in the world where you can spend your New Year’s Day.

1. Times Square, New York City – Times Square would rate as one of the best places to bring in the New Year, with its lights and New Year Countdown. The hundred and three year old tradition of the ball drop that occurs at midnight draws over a million visitors who come to the square on New Year’s Eve to bring in the New Year. The many celebrations and all night parties happening in the clubs around the square, make Times Square the one place everyone wants to be on New Year’s Eve.

2. Aspen, Colorado – The ski slopes of Aspen are also a great location to bring in the New Year and the many resorts here feature elaborate parties and banquets to celebrate the event.

3. Tokyo, Japan – For those who want to celebrate ahead of schedule, Tokyo is the perfect place for you to go. Extended festivities take place from the 29th of December and often extend to the 4th of January. Singing, dancing and fireworks mark the entrance of a new year. The Juya No Kane (Watch Night Bell) rings a hundred and eight times, in temples all over Japan, as a symbol for a prosperous New Year. The Imperial Palace gates are also thrown open to the public on the 1st of January for duration of two days.

4. Sydney, Australia – Another exciting place to bring in the New Year’s ahead of most of the world is Sydney, Australia. A major attraction is the amazing display of fireworks along with music playing, against the backdrop of the Sydney Harbor. Over a million visitors gather here every New Year’s Eve, trying to get the best spot to view the fireworks on display. Visitors are also offered a chance to go for a boat ride from which they can view the proceedings.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – While Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is most famous for the Carnival, its New Year’s Day celebrations are no less exciting. Over two million followers of the Umbanda and Candomble religion converge for a beachfront display known as the Reveillon. This spectacle also attracts a large number of tourists who get to witness this unique offering to the sea goddess. In addition to this, tourists are also treated to a mind blowing display of fireworks, delicious food and dance in the midst of a warm Brazilian summer. A large number of private parties are held alongside, and festivities often continue well into the day.

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