5 Fancy Loft Spaces to Host Your Formal Affair

New York is an important tourist destination and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. It houses some of the most famous monuments and buildings in the world.

It is an important center for global trade and commerce and many business conferences, fashion shows, product launches, meetings, and other important events take place in New York every year. There are a wide range of venues throughout New York for hosting events. These venues offer great service and environment to make the event a smash hit.

Formal affairs require that extra bit of attention while planning it. It can be some formal business meeting or an international conference. So everything has to reflect the professionalism of the organization holding the event. The menu has to be carefully planned and the staff has to be trained to make sure that everything goes well. Sometimes, the future of an individual depends on the formal meetings and conferences. Hence utmost care has to be taken to ensure that everything goes well. Hence make sure that you choose the right venue for hosting your formal affair.

Some of the fancy lofty event spaces in New York City to host formal affairs include: Midtown loft, SoHo loft, Loft 11 and Garys loft.

Midtown loft: Midtown loft is a grand event space located in a doorman, upscale building at the center of the midtown Manhattan. The 11th Floor space of about 5000 square feet consists of windows on four sides that allows dramatic city views and allows the natural sunlight to convey the full affection of the oak floors. The loft space is functional and striking with 14 foot ceilings, adjustable spot lights, central air and a fully equipped kitchen. The standing capacity at Midtown loft is 3000 and the seating capacity of 200. A freight elevator and 2 passenger’s elevators open on the floor. The building is located in the prime location of 5th avenue at 267 Fifth Avenue. It is an excellent venue for product launches, weddings, trade shows, cocktails receptions, recruitment functions, fashion shows, photo shoots and fundraisers.


SoHo loft: the SoHo loft is located at the center of SoHo. This studio is used as an event space for bar mitzvahs, birthday parties or as a graceful loft for corporate meetings and wedding receptions. With hardwood floors, multi colored mood lights and wall to wall mirrors, the loft space is just the perfect place to enjoy and have a fabulous time with friends, family or colleagues. The loft can be partitioned in order to arrange for guests to sit & enjoy their meal whilst moving next door to enjoy the party. There are also highly talented dance instructors to perform at the event.

Loft 11: Loft 11 in the New York City, south of the Manhattan’s Time Square is a loft space on the 11th floor of the building and is 6,500 square feet. The loft space is owned by Loft Eleven, who also manages Loft 12 on the 12th floor. The venue is used for events like weeding receptions, corporate parties and formal affairs.

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