5 Important Questions to Ask Your Self Storage Facility Operator

The need for self storage space in today’s lifestyle is never ending. People need this extra space for various reasons. For instance, self storage space is required when- relocating to a new state/city, going for long vacations, storing extra business stock, keeping children’s old books & toys, keeping old furniture and office files or any other equipment etc. All these items can be kept at the storage facilities and can be later on used if required. Owning a storage unit has become important for people of all age groups. With the evolution of time, more and more self storage industries are being setup providing people with better options to store their valuable items at an affordable cost.

Though these self storage facilities are highly useful, there are still some questions that one should ask from the storage operator in order to ensure that the items kept will remain secured for a long period of time without much hassle. These questions are as follows:

1. How secure is the storage facility: Security is the foremost concern while renting a storage unit because many cases have been reported all around the world where these storage spaces have been attacked several times by the thieves and people have lost their important items. It’s better to check out the following areas:

• Check whether individual door alarms and computer accessed control gates are provided for each unit by the facility.

• Check for the security staff and ask for reviews from those people who have already used the services of the facility.

• Check whether 24 hours camera surveillance is provided or not.

• Check whether any senior faculty such as on-site managers/supervisors is present at the facility especially in the night.

• Also check whether whole area is properly fenced or not.

2. Ask for the Storage unit sizes: The need for self storage space can vary as per different individuals. So, it becomes important to look for the facility that offers storage units of different sizes normally ranging from 5×10 to 14.5×45 as per the standard measurements in the market. This will ensure that you can choose a unit that suits your needs and you are not forced to rent a unit that doesn’t fit your requirements.

3. Ask for any hidden charges: Genuine storage facilities never keep any hidden charges from the customers and they provide them with all the details in written while signing the contract. But there have been some cases where people have witnessed that extra hidden charges were applied on monthly basis and in the end they had to pay huge amount in order to get back their items. So, to prevent any nasty surprises later on always ask for the complete rental package on annual basis.

4. Ask whether moving and packing facility is provided: Packing, unpacking and moving the goods from one place to another can be really frustrating especially if you are alone. Hiring third party packers and movers charge heavy prices and this can really create big problems for a customer. So, always choose a storage facility that provides moving and packing facility at nominal rates.

5. Insurance facility: Insuring the goods are always beneficial because no storage facility provides claim if the damage to goods are done in case of unavoidable circumstances like hurricanes,earth quakes etc. This way, one must ensure whether your storage space is providing insurance facilities or not. Always go for stores with insurance benefits.

These five factors are very important one must ask a storage facility before renting the space to ensure all the valuables are kept safe and secure for a long time.

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