5 most interesting places in Barcelona

Do you plan a trip to Barcelona and are not sure what to visit? Great! We introduce you 5 must see places in Barcelona!

Sagrada Familia (Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia)

This architectural master-work of renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is one of the Barcelona´s top tourist attractions. Sagrada Familia, or Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family, is 200 meters high and there is nothing similar to it around the world. Interesting is that the temple has been built constantly since 1882. It is rumoured that Gaudi himself didn´t want his master-work to be finished but to grow continually. Majestic pseudo-Gothic building with unique Gaudí design and with its slim towers and picturesque archways definitely please all fans of romance. If you are interested in more Gaudí work, you should also visit Casa Mila, Casa Batlló or Park Güell.

Park Güell

It is another unique work by Gaudí and one of the most interesting places to rest in Barcelona. Entrance to the park is free. A walk through the park is fantastical because of the little colourful houses and original petty buildings designed by Gaudí. Hilly terrain of the park is used for the construction of stone archways and beautiful pavements and walks. The focal point of the park are the stairs (from the main entrance) with a mosaic dragon fountain and a long roadway with columns like tree trunks. Another interesting part of the park is the main terrace where you sit on a long bench with ceramic mosaic of the most quaint colours and patterns. Welcome into the fairy tale about the harmony of architecture and nature by Gaudi!

La Rambla a Plaça de Catalunya

La Rambla is the Barcelona´s main street and also one of the busiest places there. You can find there hundreds of artists, musicians, dancers or even human statues. Rest your feet after the long walk through the streets of Barcelona, admiring sights and shopping for souvenirs, and visit one of the many coffee-houses and restaurants. You can find there simply anything you want. But we aware of pickpockets!

Placa de Catalunya is at the end of the street La Rambla, it is the very center of Barcelona and also the biggest crossroad where meets the ,,old” and the ,,young” Barcelona. Whether you take a guided tour with an organized group or explore the city on your own, you most probably start and end here.


Barcelona Aquarium is one of the best known tourist attraction. Not only you will be amazed at the quite high entrance money (an adult pays approx. 20 EUR, that is much more than an entrance to any museum), you will also be amazed at the impressive expositions where you can see over 11.000 animals (in 6.000.000 l of water) and enjoy the atmosphere of a 80 meters long sub aquatic tunnel and observe the sea animals. Especially children will enjoy the aquarium immensely and will be most grateful for this experience. They learn many interesting things about biology and at the end of the day they will be dog-tired from all the running across the aquarium.

Last but not least: Flamenco

Can you imagine Spain without its traditional dance flamenco? So if you plan to visit a restaurant in the evening, do not hesitate and add a pinch of Spanish culture and entertainment to your dinner. Colourful flamenco shows are very popular and are usually part of a dinner program in many restaurants. The price is approximately 30 EUR, including dinner. If you are more interested in the show alone, we recommend you to visit the beautiful poble Espanyol.

How to get to Barcelona by air?

Barcelona is a great city for all who want to travel by air. There two airports – Barcelona (BCN) and Girona (GRO) both served by many traditional and low cost airlines. As there is quite big competition within airlines they often promote themselves with airfare deals and sales. That’s why it is not difficult to buy your airline tickets very cheaply! So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket and enjoy Barcelona!

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