5 Social Community Activities that will impress you

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When communities come together, great things happen as there is strength in numbers. When thinking if what to do as a community, your main intention is usually to make a difference to the people that live near you in a way that will bring you together.

Youths from different parts of the world got together to do things that ended up being phenomenal and beneficial to society. While they may not be as complex as using the waterfall development methodology for a project, they changed lives in their respective communities.

  • Honduras – A Public illumination project

While bus  shelters and street lights may not be that big of a deal in the US, they are in Honduras and last year, a  group of youth got together to do something about it. With funds they collected from smaller projects they did, they were able to build two bus shelters, install six street lamps, and hold classes on personal hygiene.

They were not without challenge as the Youth Council mismanaged their funds. Still, they found ways to make what they had work and the results were beautiful. Showed what can be accomplished with good intentions.

  • Lusaka, Zambia – Bedding Donations

Kanyama Clinic in Lusaka, Zambia, serves 600 patients a day and with such numbers, it is heavily burdened. The facilities were not built for such an influx and so you can imagine how severely under-equipped it is. The youth in the neighborhood saw just how badly off the clinic was and decided to do something about it – they donated 30 set of bedding, 30 mattresses, and 22 curtains. While that wasn’t enough to solve the problem, it sure did a lot to keep patients warm and safe.

  • Tabaco, Philippines – Trash Disposal

Garbage disposal is a menace all over the world. When it was made clear that 20 tons of waste that could have been recycled was being thrown out every year, the Youth Council in Philippines decided to come up with a project that could turn that waste into something more productive.

In a competition to bring out the most creative mind, youths were asked to turn garbage into art and what followed was a mind-blowing show of talent. It wouldn’t have been easy to believe that the pieces were made from garbage.

  • Little Rock, Arkansas – Community Care Kits

Kelli, 16, was disheartened by all the homeless people she saw in Little Rock and she decided to mobilize people to do something about it. So, after getting the Disney Friends for Change and the Youth Empowerment Fund engaged, she and other volunteers out together care packages consisting of toothbrushes, hand sanitizers, toothpaste, wash clothes, soap, deodorant, and snacks and delivered them to homeless people on the streets. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala – Starting Gardens

The Guatemalan Youth Council started a project in 2013 that would see the youth plant vegetables to sustain communities. They planted tomatoes, beets, carrots, onions, and an assortment of other vegetables that they sold in the local markets while donating some to nutrition facilities. Last year alone, they harvested 200lbs of vegetables.

Youth projects not only keep you engaged, but it also feels good to know that you are making a positive change in your community. What community project are you undertaking?