5 Tips that will help you Design Killer Website

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It’s the era for interaction and if you really want to grow your brand, then you know that an online presence is the only way to go. Websites take up any shape you want –they could be dull and rarely updated just so you have an online presence, or they could be super interactive and fun.

If you are going to spend money having a site designed, it makes no sense having an average one. These tips will help you make the best site from scratch.

  • Typography Design is Key

One of the most important things to remember – and that is going to determine your results – is that a website is a bunch of text. As long as typography design is ideal from the get-go, you are on your way to making a great site.

The headlines should be large, bold, and legible and even better when set in San Serif for its legibility. The body should be just as legible with the right font color too. Don’t make your text too lengthy – 50 to 60 characters will do just fine for the body.

  • Open Source Tools and Mobility

When designing your site, think of your mobile phone users. It has been made clear that over 50% of internet users access it through their phones. Unless you want to minimize the number of visitors to your site, you want to take care of your mobile users.

If you choose content management system (CMS), it is okay but that would only limit your options and ensure that you will be paying hefty fees for long. However, choosing open source tools gives you free access to an unlimited resource pool. Case in point; WordPress and Magento are great free tools that any developer can access.

  • Picking a Palette

When it comes to palettes, you need to pick at least three and stick to them as consistency is key. A three-color is usually the best during the web development process. Neutral palettes that bring out the accent color boldly is great. So, you have a white background with a relatively dark text value that is not overwhelming and then a strong accent color to finish things off. The last color is vital as it determines the way the site looks to a visitor.

  • Size of Images

The size of your images matters a lot. Make it too small and it just won’t sit well with the site – pixelated look – and make it too large and it will have an effect on loading time. Clarity of a photo contributes a lot to the overall look of the site as some visitors will bot waste a moment in a site with hazy images. Whether you took the pictures or pulled them online, be sure to get the best size for your project.   

Set Realistic Goals

Before starting on your project, set realistic goals and try to stick to timelines so that you are not rushing at the last minute.

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