5 Useful Gifts for the Wine Lovers

When it is about gifting something to your close friends or family members, you put deep thoughts about their likes and dislikes. At the same time, you wanted to give something useful which would make them realize how important they are, for you.

A bottle of champagne or an elegant red wine is a tradition for almost every occasion – best friend’s promotion, engagements, housewarming at your cousin, graduation day party, parent’s birthday; you name it and a bottle of wine will fit itself into the occasion.

Opening a wine on every occasion is a symbol of your intention to celebrate. For some people, it is the love for this taste-buds tickling liquid that entices them to include it in all their happy times. For these class of people, a gift that would complement their collection of wine, puts them into a more celebratory mood.

Here are 5 useful gifts for the wine lovers:

  1. Customized Wine Boxes

In the range of customized gifts, a custom wooden wine box looks too elegant, for almost every occasion. The vintage look of wood, the engraved names, or a funny slogan, or a romantic picture of the newly married couple makes it a perfect gift choice. The customization gives the adorable feeling of belongingness and conveys the message of how much you know about the receiver.

  1. Customized bottle opener

Just like wine boxes, custom bottle openers are also a loved possession. They come too handy for the people who have lots of gathering at their place and are oenophiles (one who enjoys having and collecting wines). In fact, it is apt even for occasional drinkers. Get the bottle openers engraved with the initials of the gift’s recipient or some funky quotes that would go with their personality. They would love to carry it around.

  1. Wine Kit

The wine kit would be adored by those who want to enjoy every moment of brewing a wine on their own. They want to go beyond just pouring wine into glasses. A kit usually contains concentrated grapes extract, a packet of yeast, some chemicals to stop fermentation, and a clear wine. Some may come with additional stuff like a straining cloth, spoons, vessels, etc. There are readymade kits available in the market (online too) or if you want to add an extra touch, make one with handpicked items for the kit. You can even put this kit in a custom-made keepsake box, like this one

This gift will definitely add some more excitement to your friend’s or family’s life.

  1. Wine tasting tour tickets

Wine tasting is more like a passion for few than just a vacation activity. It gives them a sense of pleasure when they stroll through the grape farms and see the wineries where grape gets converted into this beautifully tasted liquid. And every wine tasting tour has some exciting stories attached to them. A day tour tickets could be a best-ever treat for your wine-loving friends or family.

There are many gorgeous wineries in the United States – Qunitessa Wine Estate-California, Pippin Hill Farm-Virginia, Keswick Vineyards- Virginia, Saffron Fields Winery-Oregon are few famous names, among many others.


  1. Portable Wine Glass

Everybody loves drinking wine at the places where they can relax, other than home, like swimming pool, park, beachside. A single or a pair of portable wine glasses is a thoughtful gift. They are insulated, usually plastic built wine tumblers with a sliding & closable lid. The insulation helps in keeping the temperature of wine intact.

            The best thing about the above gifts for wine lovers is that they are best for every occasion. Mix and match for unique gift choices.

Clare Louise Author