A Breathtaking Road Trip Across the Pacific Coast

If you are looking to set on your next road trip – make sure you do not miss out on this one. Take your family on a breathtaking route through the pacific coast which is known to be one of the most beautiful road trips in America.

You’ll soon discover that a Pacific Coast road trip boasts stunning views of open and mostly undisturbed countryside, and if time is short, can be done in segments. The best time for a Pacific Coast Roat Trip is when the weather is warm, to enjoy the different beaches and the great outdoors.

Start your road trip at Olympic National Park, which is located at the northwest border of the United States. From there you will be able to catch glimpses of the ocean all the way to the southern border between the USA and Mexico. This road trip offers a diverse landscape with 1,500 mile stretch of beautiful scenery; from a number of amazing parks to well-preserved rain forests, and even barren landscapes that can almost be considered deserts. You name it, the Pacific Coast is nearly certain to have it. If you have your kids with you on a family trip, they might be able to catch glimpses of wildlife like such as gray whales, mountain lions, and condors.

After passing numerous fishing and logging villages, in Washington, head south and you will get to the mouth of Columbia River. The road will then lead you to the rustic and, for the most part, tranquil Oregon Coastline. Your Pacific Coast road trip route can include stopovers in many great locations. You will be greeted with a few communities with varying levels “countryside feel” to them, and you can choose from the recreational activities available for road warriors like you. However, if you’re more inclined to venture off-the-beaten-track, then you should not miss what is known as the Avenue of the Giants. This is a series of redwood forests that line Northern California.

Finally, don’t forget to check out southern California. Feast your eyes on the lush greenery of palm trees – and see surfers and beach bodies almost everywhere you turn. The town of Encinitas, for example, has great shops and restaurants. Just outside the town make sure not to miss the Cardiff by the Sea. It has a number of fine but expensive restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with a great backdrop of the sea. For surf fanatics, Solana Beach, which has a road famously known as Old Highway 101, and offers many surf shops. La Jolla, meanwhile, is a good place to stop if you’re more of a scuba diver. The Children’s Pool is highly recommended to see seals along the shores and ground squirrels at the cliff side.

Plan a Pacific Coast road trip that has a bit of history in it too. You will have your pick from Spanish colonial mansions, or the English and Russian fur-trading outposts.

Lastly, remember that your Pacific Coast road trip has some amazing cities along the way, that are all worthy if you have the time. Seattle, LA, and San Diego all have great restaurants, nightlife, museums and more. If you like to take your time on the road, there are plenty of lodges and boutique hotels all along the coastline, offering cozy bed & breakfast and magical moments to remember.

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