A Lady of Liberty and Freedom

The Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty is a world famous icon of liberty and freedom. The 111 foot statue towers over Liberty Island and was the first sight bestowed upon travelers to the United States before the invention of the airplane.

Today the statue still stands for the same principles as it did when the French originally gifted it to the United States. The statue features a robed woman holding a lit torch and whilet the statue’s height is 111 feet, the entire structure from the base stands at an impressive 151 feet above the ground

Visitors to Liberty Island can take part in a ranger guided tour of the Island and listen to audio tours which are on offer from the island’s food and gift concessionaire. In order to visit the Lobby, Promenade, Museum and Pedestal Observation deck visitors must obtain a time pass. A limited number of passes are available from the ferry ticket offices on a first come first served basis, but it is advisable to book these passes in advance.

With a pass guests can stroll in to lobby and experience the Statue of Liberty Exhibit. From there visitors can move on to the promenade for an up close view of the statue and a magnificent view of New York Harbor. Guests can also visit the 11 point star shaped Fort Wood and take an elevator up to the ten story pedestal observatory. From here a circle view of the habour as well as an up close glimpse of Lady Liberty are on offer.

Also included as a part of the attraction is the nearby Ellis Island, which is home to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. The building that houses the museum was originally the nation’s premier federal immigration station and processed over 12 million immigrant passengers during its time of operation. The museum houses three floors of self guided exhibits that visitors can follow at their own pace. In addition the museum features a movie and ranger guided tour revealing the history of America’s immigration past.

Visitors should be aware that strict security measures are enforced at both Liberty and Ellis Island. This process is similar to airport screening and can take up to a few hours during peak seasons. It is advisable to book passes in advance as well as leaving early from your New York City hotel to allow time for the screening process. A conveniently located hotel to visit Lady Liberty and other attractions in the city is the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel New York.

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