A review on Cheap Flights to Africa

Africa is the second largest continent after Asia and is reckoned round the world by dint of its diverse landscapes, dense forests, rich culture and impressive history. It has amazing wealth of natural wonders, and serves as world’s second most traveled destination. Let’s here discuss the African countries that have made the European tourists their aficionado.

The world gets its tourism capital from Africa; yes “South Africa”, the crown country of Southern region in Africa is the international tourism capital of the world.
South Africa attractions need no introduction, the wild life in Kruger National park, cape wineries, castles and many other UNESCO world heritage sites make South Africa a “must-travel “country. It also has a vast history of hosting football and cricket world cups, concerts and world’s most eye-catching events. Besides, being the richest tourism destination, cheap flights to South Africa are easily available. The hub of most Airlines is Johannesburg but also cheap flights to Cape Town are offered by Qatar Airways every now and than. Other prominent countries in the Southern region include Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe is also one of the most visited countries especially where flights from UK are concerned (capital: Harare). Victoria falls, the world’s one of the most famous tourist destination is located in Zimbabwe. There are many daily and weekly cheap flights to Zimbabwe with direct and indirect carriers that fly from anywhere in UK to Harare. One prominent and only direct flight to Zimbabwe, Harare is offered by Air Zimbabwe, the flagship carrier of the country.
Namibia however is less traveled county as far as flights form UK or US are concerned yet, still there is a large number of a Namibian national or settlers who make the Windhoek International Airport very busy near national holidays and Christmas. One big reason for being traveled than other Southern African countries is that there aren’t any direct flights to Namibia and the flagship carrier Air Namibia flies indirect in cooperation with British Airways. Cheap flights to Namibia are available with Ethiopian Airways, Kenyan Airways and KLM.

The nationals who live at the border of Indian Ocean and red sea form one of the most beautiful regions in African Continent. East Africa is wealthiest in having the rarest flora and fauna.  Popular countries in East Africa include Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Seychelles, Mauritius, Kenya and Ethiopia.
The Islands of Mauritius are a luxurious and elite Holiday destination round the world. The flights to Mauritius are largely operated by Air Mauritius and certain other airlines such as Air France also offer cheap flights to Mauritius.
Seychelles is an elite and foremost holiday destination that remained a comfy spot for the rich only for a long period of time. But now Air France, KLM and Qatar offer fares as low as 300+ and amazingly cheap flights to Seychelles.
Kenya & Ethiopia are not only traveled by the natives or beach lovers (Mombassa beach – Kenya) but also form a major connecting point for flights to almost all regions in African Continent. Cheap flights to Kenya (Capital Nairobi) are offered by Kenyan Airways which is the flagship carrier as well as the only direct flight to Nairobi. Ethiopia is served by the national carrier Ethiopian airways that not only provides cheap flights to Ethiopia but also to Accra, Lagos and neighbored countries.

There are about 15 countries in Western Africa including Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo. The major air traffic in western Africa is drawn towards Ghana.
Ghana is a progressing country in West African region along the tropical Atlantic coastal region and very cheap flights to Ghana (capital Accra) are available with the flagship carrier Ghana International or indirect flights with Afriqiyah Airways.
Nigeria What keeps Lagos, Nigeria a busy airport is the huge number of travelers from the United Kingdom who are mostly students and jobians. Nigeria does not have a national carrier yet; cheap flights to Nigeria operate every day with Air France, KLM and Iberia Airways.
Duala is the capital of Cameroon, a comparatively less popular destination in the Western Region of Africa. Cheap flights to Cameroon are available only on alternate days with Afriqiayah Airways.

The countries that rim the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea form the Northern African region. Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia are the major countries of North Africa.
Egypt needs no introduction. The pyramids speak for themselves to tell the number of tourist buzzing around this wonder of the world. Unlike the expensive tourism in Egypt, the national airline, Egypt airways offers very cheap flights to Egypt (capital: Cairo) on daily basis. Egypt Airways also offers very cheap and reasonable fares for Accra, Lagos and other African Countries.
Morocco, another North African country may not be recognized by the country name but Casablanca, the historic capital city can refresh our memories. The Moroccan airlines however, Air Morocco is one fine and cheap flights to Morocco as well as a cheap connecting flight for neighboring courtiers.
Libya is in general a less visited country in Africa yet, the national airline Afriqiyah Airways serves as a major cheap flights to Libya, Ghana, Lagos, Cameroon and neighbored countries.

The mostly desert and often landlocked countries, Chad, Mali, Sudan, Niger and Mauritania span the Sahara Desert and form the much barren Saharan Africa.

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