Advantages of the Mixer, Juicer, Grinder

A mixer, juicer, grinder is a home appliance that uses a motor operated mechanism to rotate a set of beaters to stir, whisk or beat food ingredients like beating the egg yolk. The same machine is used for kneading dough by replacing the beaters with the dough hook.

A juicer is an appliance used in the kitchen for extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, herbs and leafy green vegetable. It compresses, pounds and squeezes the juice out of the fruit. Blending is a bit different from juicing as in the former method is used for preparing smoothies that is a mix of the liquid juice and the solid suspended pulp material.

A grinder is also a device used in the kitchen to grind and chop harder food items like meat, nuts, and vegetables like the carrot and grind the Indian masalas. They are of 2 types – wet grinding and dry grinding.

These appliances do not necessarily sell separately – there are combinations that sell too. Like the mixer grinders or the juicer mixers or the JMG which is the juicer mixer grinder.

Advantages of these appliances: –

  1. Ease of use: any work related to food processing can be achieved easily with these appliances. One just needs to change the jars and the blades and fill the jar with the ingredient. That’s as much work that one is required to do to operate the appliance. Compare this with the work that our mothers and grand-mothers would do in their days when the mixer, juicer or the grinder were not so easy to purchase. For example, the conventional grinding of idli-dosa batter using the circular stone bowl and mortar was a difficult task compared to the modern way of grinding the batter using the grinder.
  2. The JMG machines are so versatile. They can just about do any work from kneading dough to grinding the coconut, to chopping vegetables to grinding meats and nuts, from whipping milk shakes to preparing smoothies.
  3. Presence of a high quality and powerful motor ensures that there is no requirement of any manual intervention. The motor is capable of making the machine perform better and more efficiently.
  4. The slow fruit juicer is a much preferred device these days. One important benefit of this machine is that it is able to retain the nutrient value of the ingredients. It is super efficient in processing nuts and preparing items like the almond milk.

One of the main disadvantages of using these food processors is that they do leave chunks of fruits and vegetables unprocessed. These are the chunks that cling to the sides of the jar as the blades rotate in the outwardly direction. These chunks need to be reprocessed again. Other minor disadvantages are: noisy operation, difficult to clean, once the machine is switched on there is no control left in your hands, one can accidentally hurt their fingers if not extra careful in handling the blades and if one forgets to close the lid tightly, there can spillage which means more work cleaning the spilled contents.

Clare Louise Author