Aetna Health Insurance in California

If you have not had a chance to take a look at Individual Aetna health plans in California, then you should. Aetna offers a variety of affordable health insurance plans to fit anyone’s budget. What Aetna is known most for is group health insurance plans that you might be familiar with that you can get through your work. Nationwide Aetna is known as a quality reputable insurance company that offers group health insurance until couple of years ago they started offering individual health insurance in California. From day one when Aetna release individual health insurance plans in California they became almost instant success.
What makes Aetna individual health insurance appealing to a lot of individual and families in California? If you are comparing Aetna to any other individual health insurance what you will find out is that Aetna offers very competitive rates on individual health insurance plans. The main reason that they can do this is because of their plans design. The way Aetna was able to cut their health insurance prices so drastically is by excluding maternity coverage. If you are looking for a plan that covers maternity Aetna is not your choice. Aetna offers great comprehensive plans with very competitive rates. Here are some plans to consider is you looking at benefit rich plans with competitive rates. First take a look at “Open Access” plans they are especially great for families. If you or your family is healthy and do not go to a doctor that often then you might want to consider “Open Access Value”. The main difference between “Open Access” and “Open Access Value” is that “Open Access” plans cover preventative care right away with a co-pay. “Open Access” plans cover your doctor visits and physicals right away with a co-pay and “Open Access Value” cover everything after you meet your deductible.
Aetna also offers HSA (Health Savings Account) Plans which are some of the most competitive plans for the money that you can get in California. When looking at your health insurance options make sure to compare your options before applying for a specific plan. At the bottom of this article you will find a website where you can get quotes, compare Aetna to all other health insurance companies available in the state of California.

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