Affordable and Practical Destination Weddings

Many brides dream of an exotic, faraway wedding destination. As they begin thinking and planning after their engagement, these same brides begin to have a bit of a ‘reality check.’ Not only is it expensive to fly somewhere far away and get married, but the majority of their chosen guests aren’t able to make it due to time and/or money constraints.

Here are some ideas to overcome such issues, and still hold an unforgettable, unique destination wedding. Note: We’ve chosen the U.S. as an example as most of our readers are in the U.S., and also because, with its vast and varied geography, there are plenty of options.

tropical wedding

Florida Keys: If you’re dreaming about the turquoise waters and palm trees of the Caribbean or Hawaii, the Keys might just fill the bill. Miami, the closest international airport, is easy to fly into, and it’s jsut a couple of hours by rental car to the beautiful Keys. You’ll find many lovely resorts down this southernmost stretch of the U.S., and the waters are clear and turquoise as far as the eye can see. There is a fun, laid back and tropical atmosphere in the Florida Keys – the folks are friendly and there are many pretty bed and breakfast places with gorgeous tropical courtyards perfect for an intimate wedding. Key West is famous for its sunsets, and has many beautiful little hide-away gems.

Las Vegas:Before you scoff, keep reading. Vegas has way more to offer than just gambling. If, for instance, you’ve dreamed of a romantic European wedding, you can recreate the scene beautifully in one of Vegas’ themed hotels. There’s Paris, complete with mini Eiffel tower; there’s the Venetian replete with canals and singing gondola drivers. Some of the fancier hotels such as the Belaggio, with its European-inspired gardens, and the very private Mansion at MGM Grand are elegantly European in style and offer a stunning backdrop for a wedding. Additionally, flights to Las Vegas are frequent and usually quite affordable because it is such a popular destination, and many people would be willing to spend a night or two away to go to Vegas. There’s plenty of otehr things for your guests to do while in town, and you’ll likely be able to negotiate a group hotel discount for your guests.

Cape Cod:If your vision of beaches is more austere and upscale, you may fidn the perfect setting for a wedding in upper the East, in places such as Cape Cod. Imagine windswept beaches, crying gulls and romantic starlit nights…and a rustic yet upscale seaside location for your wedding. Many beautiful homes on the ocean are for rent in this region, and would make a fantastic wedding venue. Bring in loads of white candles and seashells and you’re all set for a simple, elegant affair that will be fairly easy for your guests to make it to.

Oregon:Breathe the fresh air and the scent of ancient pines as you take your wedding vows at the foot of magnificent mountains, with a backdrop of a spectacular sunset. Sound good? Then the state of Oregon might be just what you’re looking for. Because it shares both coast and mountains in close proximity, Oregon boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. What better setting for an unforgettable beginning to your new life?

There you have it! You can lots of ideas for unique destination weddings when you get your imagination rolling. These few should get you started.

If you negotiate hotel room deals for your guests and give them plenty of notice, you’ll find that many people will come. No passports needed and no huge expense covers two of the major objections.

Tip: Consider hiring a local babysitter or two for the evening to watch the kids and let your kids have a fabulous time without worries. Enjoy!

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