Agadir – City of Beaches and Riads With Pool

In Morocco, especially in the south of this beautiful country, the visitor will be enchanted by the beauty of all its cities, which contain fantastic historical monuments and varied attractive natural spaces. The city of Agadir is called the “Pearl of the Souss” mostly thanks to the fact that its beaches are very famous for its cleanliness and its stunning beauty. Thus, this magical city offers its visitors an excellent chance to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

But before talking about some of the most famous beaches in Agadir, I first would like to give you some historical information about this lovely city.

Agadir is the leading fishing port of Morocco and the first sardine port in the world. The city owes its current fame to its extraordinary range of over 6 km of fine golden sand, and its 300 days of sunshine per year. This small fishing village was at stake during the course of its history in the battles between the local tribes and foreign powers. The Portuguese settled there in 1513, but holy war, led by a Saadi prince in 1541, brought the city under the rule of the Wattasid dynasty after a siege of six months.

In the 18th century, the Alawites took the city and, to punish the rebellious inhabitants of the region, Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdullah decided to close the port and transfer all maritime activities to Essaouira.

Agadir fell in a lethargic sleep until 1911, when its name again makes the headlines. The German Emperor William II, King of Prussia, sent a cruiser into the bay of Agadir, where he tried to install a naval base. But France opposed the offer and, after lengthy negotiations, a consensus on the German rights was reached. France ceded its territories in Congo to Germany, which, in turn, expressed more imperialist interests in Morocco.

In 1930, Agadir became one of the stages of Saint-Exupéry and Mermoz’s airmail flight before starting to cross the Atlantic. After independence and until 1960, Agadir was a beautiful, thriving city.

We can assume that everyone was sleeping peacefully shortly before midnight on February 29 1960, when suddenly, fate, with a violent blow, knocking at the door during fifteen seconds, no more, but a fifteen seconds that seemed an eternity. And then, a most terrible disaster in the history of the town: 15.000 people buried under the ruins brought down by an earthquake. But today, Agadir has been rebuilt as a modern, safe and beautiful city.

Agadir is the best destination for anyone wanting to enjoy a romantic holiday in a lovely atmosphere of tranquillity and peace. Also, in Agadir you will get a chance to enjoy many of its beautiful beaches. Agadir beach is the most famous one, located in the city, and where visitors can benefit from magical moments under the sunshine. And at night visitors can enjoy lovely strolls along the beautiful and quiet seafront.

Taghazout, which is ideally located on the road to Tiznit, is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Morocco and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There is the Imouran beach, which is very famous among the Amazigh community because it is for them a symbol of love, since they believe that this beach has witnessed a big love story between an Amazigh couple in the past. In all these beaches you will enjoy several services that are put at your disposal to satisfy all your desires. Day after day, Agadir’s beaches have witnessed a stunning improvement that is the result of several tourist projects.

Agadir and its beaches are an everlasting source of beauty and charm thanks to its tranquility and its warm weather all year round. Thus, your visit to Marrakech will be a perfect occasion to discover Agadir and its magical beaches, where you will get an exciting opportunity to practice all you favourite activities.

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