Are you ready to Upgrade to Recruiting Software?

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Just because you have been performing the same recruitment tasks for the last twenty years does not mean that it is the best practice for today’s business environment. Times have changed regarding recruitment and if you are not on the leading edge, you will be left behind. The internet and the advent of Social media have added a new venue for marketing to candidates.

Smartphones keep everyone connected, and software applications that can tie the process together can take a load off you and everyone in the agency. Recruiting Software has this ability with features that will lighten your work and streamline your business, giving you more time to do what you do best, recruit.

More Time for Recruitment

Repetitive tasks can be time-consuming and when tracking, managing and hiring applicants and tracking their progress on a spreadsheet, with e-mail, or on post-it notes, while effective, can be streamlined with recruitment software. A recruiting advertisement for one job can produce over 200 applications. Keeping track of them and parsing their attributes is a time consuming cumbersome process when using old methods of tracking, marketing, and placement.

Continuity of your Brand

Who you are is as important as what you do and a recruiting system that is consistent will add to your image. Recruiting Software will allow candidates to apply directly to your website, which will give you immediate access to them as opposed to waiting for leads to filter in from Monster, Career Builder, or one of the many other job sites.

Getting Interviews Right

Many who apply for a position posted by your agency are not qualified and you will waste time interviewing such candidates. Recruitment applications, using applicant-tracking software (ATS) can help you manage candidates and parse their qualifications by the criteria that you set when used with applications that can be read by the system. Being able to match right applicant to a position, from a large number of candidates, will help you make appointments that are fruitful instead of wasting time interviewing those who do not qualify.

The Ability to collaborate more easily

Working with the office from the field, and collaborating with others on your team will become more effective with applications designed just for the purpose of recruitment. Designed to work on your Smartphone, as well as your businesses desktop Recruiting Software will keep the team connected and give them access to your list of applicants while talking to partners who need a position filled, today.

Software Designed for Recruiters

Whether you are a recruiter, manager, administrator, or sourcer Recruiting Software that manages candidates and all the facets of being their hiring will make you more effective and give you higher placement numbers.  

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