Be Dazzled At The Sight Of The City Built From Rocks

If you are by any chance visiting the Gulf regions and have some time in hand, do not miss out on visiting Petra, one of the major tourist attractions in the region. The city boasts of civilization of nomadic Arabs who had settled down here around 2000 years back. The city is entirely carved out of rocks and presents to you a breathtaking architecture. The magnificence cannot be described unless you see it in person. The area had a rich significance in being a business hub in the past and was the connecting business link between the eastern countries and the western Gulf countries, Greece and Rome.

A must visit site

The city of Petra is around 130 kilometers away from the country’s capital city-Jordan. It takes around 3 hours if you travel by car. You have options to go either by using public transport or take a private vehicle on hire. The Petra toursare organized by many travel agencies which are operating locally and providing excellent services for the tourists. They also tailor made the tours as per your choice and design. They arrange to cover all the main spots of interest in Petra. The quality of service is impeccable and they take personal care that each of their tourists is satisfied and have no complaints.

Be pampered by their care

The Petra tours operators take every care of yours. Right from an outstandingitinerary, food at excellent restaurants, and accommodation arrangement at comfortable hotels all are arranged by them. The team is assigned with a personal tour guide who stays along with the group from start till the end. To make you feel at home.theyare giving exquisite gifts of the local souvenirs which you can carry back home as objects to be cherished as memory. In case of any emergency, such as medical the same is handled by these tour operators in an efficient manner. You will never feel out of place when you avail the service of these travel operators.

Wide array of tour choices

The operators have dished out different types of tour packages that can suit your style, budget, and your liking. There are one day tours for people who cannot invest a good amount of time for visiting the places. But, many prefer the multiple day tours as they allow you enough time to discover the history of the city and get enriched by witnessing its rich tradition. You can get in touch with the tour operators beforehand either through the web or over phone to inquire about the details. You can ask them to prepare customized itineraries to suit your requirement along with a quote within your range.

Take time out for this visit

Petra is a not to miss destination. Just chalk out your plan to visit this city and you will cherish it forever. A city entirely carved out of rocks is not something that you can see anywhere in the world. Leverage the facilities offered by these top class tour operators to see this grand city.



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