Beautiful Things To See On Your Holiday To Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a beautiful place to visit. Holidays to Halkidiki can be so interesting that you will not want to leave. The one attraction that attracts so much attention is the Petralona Cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are amazing. The cave was not even discovered until the end of the 1950’s. It has been open to everyone ever since. Many people have made their way through the cave and seen the natural wonders inside. The caves are located close by the village of Nea Moudania. This is a great place to visit and spent a day or even a half of day.

Two villages to see are Neos Marmaras and Afytos. Neos Marmaras is a seaside village that was established by Asians centuries ago. It is quaint little village that has become a resort village. The Afytos village is another seaside village with many tourist attractions. The nearest beach for Neos Marmaras is Paradise and Moundounou for Afytos. These villages are interesting to explore and the beaches are beautiful and sunny. The locals do have a reputation for being friendly and can guide you to different areas of interest. You can spend a day in each village and enjoy the beaches and attractions.

The Apostle Paul Tower and the Possidi lighthouse are two places to visit on your holiday to Halkidiki. The Fokea village waterfront is where you will find the tower. It is more of a point of interest than anything is. There is a small church by the tower. The lighthouse is fascinating to see. The lighthouse was restored many years ago, but it is so beautiful to see. It is on the beach in Possidi. This is the only building you will see by the waterfront. The area around the lighthouse is just as beautiful.

A jeep safari ride is an excellent activity to do it Halkidiki. You can see the sandy beaches, cliffs and at all the forests in the area. There are many dirt roads in the area, which can only be reached by a jeep. This is a great way to spend an entire day. Another area to see is Mount Athos. This is where you will find the monks living in monasteries. Women are not allowed in this area, but men can visit. This is still a nice trip to take so you can see the area around the monasteries.

There is so many wonderful things that you can do when you take your holidays to Halkidiki. You can visit the archaeological sites of Olynthos, Ancient Mendi and Ouranoupolis. These sites are old and show a piece of history. There are museums, historical interest sites, and many forests to explore. One can only enjoy their time spent in Halkidiki. It is peaceful and scenic for everyone to enjoy. You can easily spend a week or two in this area and still not see everything there is to see. It is also easy to get around the area on foot if you do not have transportation.

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