Best Beach Destinations in the United States

Regardless of which coast you decide to visit, there are an amazing amount of high quality beaches in the United States. The people on the west coast might be known for taking it a bit slower and enjoying life a little more, but once you get to the beach on the east coast, that fast-paced and rushed lifestyle immediately goes out the window. Whether it’s the beach, the horizon, the sand, or some other unknown factor, east coast beaches have some form of tranquilizing effect. You have an urge to relax the instant you get there.

If you like to relax on white sandy beaches while looking at a crystal clear ocean and the most beautiful people in the world, then your first stop should definitely be South Beach, which is located in Miami, Florida. This beach took over as the most popular spring break destination about a decade ago, only in this case, the party never ends. Expect to see a younger crowd. And if you’re not into relaxing, then jet skiing and socializing are also popular activities.

If you travel up the coast just a few hours, you will reach Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The beaches here are known for their cleanliness as well as the promenade at Lauderdale Beach and walkable dunes at Hollywood Beach. Beachgoers range from families to college kids.

Travel north to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for an active beach atmosphere. It’s ironic that South Carolina is where you will find one of the most active beaches, but it’s probably the most active and fast-paced area in the state. There are all types of hotels and resorts flanking the beach. This is a place you go for action, not sanctuary. It’s a popular beach for families as well as college kids and senior citizens.

If you keep traveling north, you will hit Virginia Beach. This is another active area, where scuba diving, waterskiing, cycling and running are all very popular. There is also a boardwalk that stretches for miles.

If you like water parks, haunted houses, funnel cakes, pizza, and novelty shops while being only steps away from the ocean, then Wildwood, New Jersey is where you want to be. This is a very family-oriented area with an emphasis on good-natured fun. If you have a family and love the beach, this is highly recommended.

Are you more of the laid back type who enjoys fishing and/or eating at restaurants that overlook the ocean? If that’s the case then you should check out Montauk, New York. Montauk is at the farthest point on Long Island and over two hours away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. It is also the epitome of a beach town.

If you’re looking for rocky beaches for picnics and sightseeing, then just keep heading up the coast to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Acadia National Park has some of the most beautiful views in the continental United States.

If you live on or plan on visiting the east coast, it’s hopeful that one of the beaches listed matches what you’re looking for.

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