Black Bear Viewing in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

Black Bear viewing is a great way to enjoy hiking and canoeing in Algonquin Park especially when you are with an experienced guide, a good friend that enjoys hiking, canoeing and portaging and enough time to enjoy the northern lights and star filled sky. It is a great adrenalin rush and gives you an image with your friends of living to the max. Done right it is a lot safer than they will imagine.

The park has about 2,000 black bears and about a thousand moose. There is one bear for every three square kilometres. Photographing black bears and Moose up close requires tracking, hiking and patience with an experienced guide that knows their patterns. The good news is it is well worth it and if planned right it is almost guaranteed to be successful because both black bears and moose re-visit the same areas over and over.

Bears, like most large animals, constantly look for food. Since bears will hibernate and don’t eat for up to five months during the winter, they need to find enough food during the rest of the year to restore their fat levels and this takes a lot of nuts, berries, insects grubs, fish and on occasion even a deer fawn, raccoon, skunk or moose calf. They are an intelligent animal, with the ability to remember food locations, hence the habit of returning to berry patches and grub locations where they have found food before.

When you want a contrast to the adrenalin rush of viewing a black bear up close, nothing surpasses the tranquility of an early morning paddle as your canoe moves silently through the calm, mist covered waters of a wilderness lake to the haunting cry of a loon piercing the morning silence. If you have a good guide you are likely to see a majestic moose grazing peacefully in the near shore shallows, oblivious to your presence and just beyond him a bald eagle watching your passage with keen interest.

It is at times like this that a strange peaceful harmony will sweep through you, a harmony that you have not experienced for a very long time. You will feel very glad to be alive, and even happier that you’re here.

Some of the best guided canoe trips in the park are offered by Canadian Canoe and Kayak – Wilderness Adventures

If you are looking to really spoil yourself on your wilderness quest, another alternative is the Couples Resort, Adventure Lodge

As Ontario’s only 5 Star lakeside resort with immediate Algonquin Park access, Adventure Lodge is a small, intimate and smoke free lodge with a choice of nine outlying grand log cabins. Each cabin is nestled amongst the tall, whispering pines and majestic, cascading waters of the Madawaska River and is equipped with a wood burning fireplace and Jacuzzi.

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