Bridal Shower Games – 10 Fun & Meaningful Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Although I have written a book that includes hundreds of games, I am not going to lie that I have attended one bridal shower in my life … that was my wife’s. So, I may be qualified to write a blog entry / article about games, but please don’t ask for any advice about bridal showers J However, I guess I know enough about games to know that I don’t have to attend a bridal shower to know that each of the games listed below would be a blast to play for any occasion!

1) Do You Know the Bride & Groom: Think of a few questions before the shower, and ensure each guest has their own piece of paper, and a pen. Start this fun game by asking the guests many random questions. Examples: How and where did the Bride & Groom meet? What city did the Groom grow up in? How old is the Bride and Groom? Where did they go on their first date?  etc. (think of any question). Then, the Bride (and Groom if he is there) will answer the questions, and the guest who had the most right will receive a prize.

2) Wedding Bingo: Before actually opening presents, have each guest take a pen and paper and draw 25 boxes on their paper (5 rows, 5 columns – like a bingo sheet). Then, each guest will write down things they expect the bride and groom to receive from the gifts. People may write down: pots & pans, microwave, utensils set, bed sheets, toaster, etc. But, each person will fill their squares by placing the items in it’s own square (and of course, each person’s sheet will have different things and in different places). Then, open the presents and when an item written matches the gift, guests will mark their paper. A prize will be given for 5 in a row, an X, borders, or blackout, etc.

3) Memory Apron: In preparation, purchase many household and kitchen items the couple will need. Examples might be: utensils, salt & pepper shakers, candles, spices, potato peeler, toothpicks, measuring cups & spoons, can opener, spatulas, knives, etc. Then place all the items on an apron (or cookie sheet) and show it to all the guests for about 30-40 seconds. Then, hide the items, and each guest will write down as many as they can remember, but will only have 2 minutes to write. The person who wrote the most down correctly will receive a prize.

4) Scrapbook for the Bride: This is not so much a game as it is a very meaningful activity the bride will be grateful for for years to come. Each of the guests will be given some cardstock, paper, and scrapbooking items. They will then spend about 20-30 minutes writing advice, tips, and kind words for the bride. After writing, they will decorate their own card, and each guest will then compile it into a scrapbook for the bride.

5) Wedding Charades: Each guest will be given 3 slips of paper. On each paper, everyone will write down 3 random activities that are related to marriage or the wedding (or anything really). Examples might be: trying on the dress, cutting the wedding cake, photo shoot, having hair done, checking in at the hotel, waking up in the morning to see your bride with no makeup, cooking a meal, etc. Place all the slips in a bowl and divide everyone into two teams. One person from team 1 will come forward and have 1 minute to act out as many slips as possible (team 2 keeps time). After the team guesses what is on the first slip, the person will grab another slip, etc. until a minute is up. Team 2 will then take a turn, and this repeats. The team with the most points after a designated time is the winner!

6) Does the Bride Know the Groom: If the groom is not at the shower, ask him these questions and get the answers in preparation. The Bride will then be asked questions about the Groom. Examples might be: what is his favorite food, sport, hobby, TV show, movie, etc. What is his dream vacation, favorite band, favorite restaurant, color, best subject in school, etc. Perhaps to make it fun, the bride has to do something for each answer that is wrong: eat a piece of gum (keep all of them in), eat a salteen cracker without drinking in between, do a different dance move each time, etc.

7) Bridal Shower Gift Exchange: Make the shower a little fun by allowing all the guests to get a gift. Each guest will bring a white elephant gift (funny, terrible, or nice). Place all the gifts in the center and everyone sits in a circle. The first person will go and choose one gift and unwrap it in front of everyone. Going to the left, the next person can either choose a new gift from the center, or take the gift from the first person (or anyone else in the circle who has chosen one as the game progresses). But, after the 3rd time a gift has passed hands, it is frozen and can’t be chosen any more. If a gift is taken from you, you choose another gift (either from the center or from someone else – but no taking the gift back that someone just took from you). Each person will have a gift at the end of the game.

8) Wedding Jeopardy: In preparation, make many questions related to weddings and place them in a bowl. Examples: The name of the vacation after the wedding? (Honeymoon). Name a wedding related word that starts with the letter V? (Vows). One thing the Bride wears on the wedding day? (Wedding Dress). Etc. You can make up as many and as random of questions as you want. Divide the group into two teams, and for each question, one person from each team comes forward. The first to answer correctly receives a point. Send two more people up, one from each team (and this repeats). The first team to 15 points wins!

9) Wedding Shower Word Scramble: In preparation, write down many wedding or marriage related words, and scramble them. Examples of words could be: vows, honeymoon, bride’s maid, best man, cake, chapel, etc. Then, write all the scrambled words on a paper and give a copy to each guest (or divide everyone into pairs). Then, after about 5 minutes, the guest who has unscrambled the most correctly gets a prize.

10) What Costs More: In preparation, buy the new couple a large amount of food items to help fill their cupboards as they start their marriage. For example, but them: pastas, cereals, spices, chips, bread, cookies, crackers, pop corn, baking ingredients, etc. Then, you will have to match up two different items that are similar in price. You may match a bag of chips with a package of cookies, and a bag of pasta with a box of crackers, etc. Then, divide every guest into pairs of two. Show each match of food items and have the guests write down which one they think is more expensive. The pair who guessed the most right at the end will get a prize (and the couple gets all the food for their new home).

Have Fun!

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