California Communities United Institute Adds Voter Guide To Web Site

California Communities United Institute has added a voter guide to its web site to help people decide how to vote in the election this coming November 2. The guide provides:

– Discussions of the propositions on the ballot,

– Tables showing how the candidates have voted on issues of concern,

– And recommendations of community based organization on whom to vote for.

It is really important that every eligible voter actually vote on election day. Unless that happens, the election could be decided by a very small minority of those eligible to vote.

For example, according to the California Secretary of State’s web page, in last June’s election, only 15% of Californians eligible to register and vote actually did so. And not all those eligible to register actually did register. But, according to the Secretary of State, only 20% of those who registered to vote did actually vote in the June election.

This means, if the same numbers of people register and vote in the November election, the elections for state wide office, and those for the propositions could be decided by as few as 7.5% plus one, or 10% plus one of eligible voters.

If you don’t want the Governor’s race, for example, to be decided by Just 7.5% of eligible voters, it is essential that you go out and vote. The same goes for the state wide propositions.

But it is also important that we all be informed voters as we choose our political leaders and make decisions on how to vote on the propositions on the California. Both the state government and the federal government are in serious trouble. Many people say they are angry at government at all levels.

In that situation it makes no sense to just blindly vote for candidate “A” or “B” or to vote for or against as proposition without actually educating ourselves about it. That would be like putting a blind fold on our eyes and playing pin the tail on the donkey. We need to vote for candidates and propositions that will really make things better rather than more of the same or even worse.

I urge you to visit our web based voter guide or that of any other reputable organization to inform yourself about the candidates and propositions. The future of our state and nation depends on all of us making the right, informed, decisions on election day.

You can see our voter guide by clicking on the link at the end of this Newsflash and then clicking on “California Election 2010” on the resulting page. Here is the link to get you started:

Boyce Hinman

California Communities United Institute

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