California Marriage Records

California Marriage Records display applications for marriage licenses and their records proper by name, date and county. The California Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records is charged with maintaining its states marriage records along with all the other categories of public records. Confidential marriage records are issued through the various counties that grant marriage licenses. Likewise, California divorce records are only available in the county office where the divorce decree dissolving the particular marriage by the Superior Court was issued. As a result of the California Public Records Act, anyone in California can view and request copies of basically all public records including marriage records.

You can find free California marriage records at county offices as well as online at various websites offered by government agencies of the state of California. The information found at these places will suffice for the purpose of broad research but if you need something more detailed and in-depth, an official set of marriage records is probably necessary. In the state of California, the Office of Vital Records is authorized to release marriage records, as well as Certificates of Record in divorce cases. Fees are charged for the issuance of their certified copies.

As with other states across the country, it is possible to assemble California marriage records yourself but getting it done by hiring an outside company to do that for you is the preferred option for most people. Each option has its own pros and cons and it’s up to the individuals to decide which would be able to better serve their needs and preferences. Financial expense and convenience are typical considerations but in many cases such as legal or official situations however, that is dictated by the requirements of the circumstances.

Within the state of California, you can view public records at the Public Health office in each county or request them via email or internet. Contact the California Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records to obtain the lists of necessary forms and fees for acquiring official copies of both marriages and divorces. But be forewarned – getting marriage records on your own takes some work and waiting time. The California Office of Vital Statistics has a backlog of up to six months. They advocate going directly to the incumbent county offices in person to view and request copies of all types of public records. It is advisable to enquire ahead through telephone as different counties require different forms and fees for this service.

Alternatively, there are companies you can turn to that will aid you to access and view the desired public records in an optimized manner in terms of time and effort. They can also handle the order placement and delivery of certified copies of marriage records on your behalf. Through the support of their infrastructure, manpower and networking, they are able to invariably get the job done in a shorter time than if you go it yourself.

Providing public records commercially is a professional service and the industry is immensely competitive. That’s a good thing for consumers as this drives up the quality of service and keep the prices down. Fees are typically quite affordable by normal standards and users often find the superior speed and efficiency well worth the cost. On top of that, many of these information brokers maintain large databases of marriage records and offer free viewing to potential customers.

In California, the population is now about 36 million-strong. Official records have been kept and accumulated for well over a hundred years, since around 1850. This means that there are a lot of California marriage records on file and unless you have a lot of time and energy to pursue them, it may be in your interests to hire professionals to spare yourself the hassles of procedures and waiting in lines.

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