Camping Near Paris

Why stay at a Campsite near Paris?

If you are interested in visiting the area around France’s capital, there’s one very obvious reason why Paris camping is a good idea – the cost! Accommodation in Paris can be extremely expensive, especially during high season, and spending your nights at one of the campsites near Paris is a great way to save money.

But there are more benefits to Paris camping than just cutting your costs. The French countryside around Paris is a delightful place to camp, and is rarely visited by those on a city break. A stay at a campsite near Paris allows you to strike the perfect balance between the fast pace of the city with the relaxation of a camping holiday, and there are plenty of local attractions to keep you occupied…

Local Attractions

Highlights in Paris include art galleries like the Louvre, city landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, fascinating architecture and the overall romantic atmosphere of the city. And best of all, if you get tired of the crowded streets of Paris, your mobile home or tent at the campsite is a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle.

Two big local attractions in reach of most campsites near Paris are Disneyland® Resort Paris and Parc Asterix. Parc Asterix is a massive theme park with a great range of rides and roller coasters, including the massive Tonnere de Zeus, or Thunder of Zeus, which is regarded as one of the best rollercoasters in the world. Disneyland® Resort Paris, of course, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, with two theme parks offering thrilling rides and colourful parades – and a chance to meet your favourite Disney characters.

If theme parks aren’t your thing, staying at a mobile home near Paris will put you within easy reach of the lavish palace at Versailles, the city of Reims, the historical champagne capital of France and the forest and château at Fontainebleau – all excellent places for a day trip if you are visiting this part of the country.

Top Campsites Near Paris

There are numerous campsites near Paris, and perhaps two of the best sites within driving distance of Paris are Camping les Etangs Fleuris near Touquin and Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont, which is near Berny Rivière.

Camping Les Etangs Fleuris is a charming rural campsite. It is tucked away in the French countryside, making it perfect for those who like to get away from it all. It has a good selection of facilities (including a bar, swimming pool and children’s playground) and even though it is in a quiet rural location, it is perfectly positioned for a trip to Disneyland® Resort Paris – only twenty five minutes drive away.

If you’d prefer a bigger site, Camping la Croix du Vieux Point could be the perfect choice for your Paris camping holiday. It has a wide range of facilities and activities, including both outdoor and indoor swimming pools complete with waterslides, a bar, a restaurant, a gym and two lakes at the centre of the site that offer excellent fishing and a variety of water sports.

While Camping Les Etangs Fleuris is an ideal location for families and couples who are looking for an intimate as well as a peaceful and relaxing site, Camping La Croix du Vieux Point is perfect for those who are seeking a wide selection of facilities and activities on site as well as easy access to the surrounding area.

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