Can a Spine and Disc Center Help Me With My Scoliosis?  

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Many people mistakenly believe that scoliosis is an untreatable condition. Although it is true that scoliosis is difficult to cure completely in all cases, treatment is available to help with functionality and symptoms.

Let’s take a look at some of the information you should know about scoliosis. The more informed you are, the better your life can be!

Idiopathic Scoliosis

Most cases of scoliosis are “idiopathic,” meaning that the cause of the condition cannot be determined. An idiopathic curve in the back is a very common type of scoliosis. There is no direct cause from genetics or internal defects.

You may have been diagnosed with a congenital curve at birth, which means at least the condition was found early. This is an advantage.

Defining Scoliosis

Everyone has natural curves in their spines. Scoliosis is defined as an abnormal curve that is higher than 10 degrees. Curvatures from 20 to 40 degrees are moderate. These cases should be monitored and may be effectively treated with supportive braces and chiropractic care. Patients who are appropriately treated experience increased functionality and decreased degeneration.

More severe cases of scoliosis may require more serious forms of treatment. However, surgery and disc replacement have been proven to help very severe cases of scoliosis, returning the patient to an independent lifestyle with less pain and more function.

Pediatric and Adult Scoliosis

Different treatments are available for people of different ages who suffer from scoliosis. Furthermore, treatments should be modeled around the development of the patient, and a spine and disc center with specialties in pediatric and adult care is best equipped to handle this.

Some adults believe that their chance for an effective treatment ends after adolescence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you were diagnosed as a teenager with scoliosis, you can sill be helped as an adult. Your options include chiropractic help, supportive braces and other treatments.

There is a Fort Worth spine and disc center that can help you with your scoliosis – the secret is to start your treatment as soon as possible. The earlier that you take control of your spinal health, the better. Specialists will be able to help you deal with the pain, symptoms and core causes of scoliosis. This is true even if you have scoliosis with other conditions such as osteoporosis, other atypical curvatures in the back or conditions in other parts of the body.

Choose the Fort Worth spine and disc center with a specialty in adult and pediatric cases for the most effective care.


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