Cape May – Year Round Jersey Shore Vacations

When most people think of the beach and the ocean, they think of summer time and warm weather.  Many small beach towns along the Atlantic Coast will become “Ghost towns” once the summer season has finished for the year.  All of the tourists and beach goers will leave for the winter and many shops and restaurants will close down for the winter.  This is not the case with Cape May, New Jersey.  Cape May is a great place to visit any time of the year.

In the “Off Season,” you will find many Cape May establishments still open for business such as shopping and dining. Since Cape May has a lot of historical significance, you should be able to tour many of the historical attractions around town.  There are many organized tours with guides available, but if one cannot be found, you will not regret a simple walk around town.  There is a great deal of Victorian Era architecture which can be viewed from the street.

Cape May is also a short drive from many other New Jersey Shore towns.  If you would like to take a stroll along a boardwalk, Wildwood, Ocean City, and Atlantic City are all within short driving distance.  If you’re spending a longer period of time in Cape May, a day trip to Atlantic City is highly recommended.  You can easily drive to Atlantic City from Cape May in one hour or less.  Here you will find a Las Vegas style experience on the East Coast (Even in the winter time).  Let’s not forget that Cape May also has a zoo which is open year round.

While seeking lodging in Cape May, Cape May Vacation Rentals are  a valuable option.  Many of the rates will decrease in the winter and “Off Peak” seasons.  This is an ideal time to go if you are on a budget or have limited funding.  Many properties will provide you with the same amenities that you have at home.

Cape May is a beach town, but there is a lot more there than just the beach.  It is a year round resort town.  “Off Peak” seasons are sometimes the best times to visit the city.  Close proximity to major cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York make it a great winter-time weekend getaway!

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