Cape Town Waterfront: the Fun Begins Here

World-class is the best word to describe Cape Town Waterfront. The busy Victoria and Alfred harbors add to the hectic but fun pace in Cape Town. Situated Right between Robben Island and Table Mountain, the Waterfront pulsates with shoppers, tourists, holidaymakers, students, and business people getting into the groove of Cape Town’s beat.


The Waterfront also known as the V&A Waterfront has always been the scene of harbor construction and land development since the 1850s. It is still undergoing development on land with the addition of buildings around the two basins—Victoria and Alfred.

The marvelous transformation made the place the no.1 tourist destination in this spot of the world, a perfect gateway to safari adventures, rock climbing, and other activities that make anybody’s holiday here spectacular and unforgettable.

Getting Around

There is no lack of Cape Town hotels in this busy port. There are old but grand hotels, apartments for groups and families, villas for romantic getaways, and cul-de-sacs for the budget-conscious backpackers.

If you plan to tour the city on foot, forget it. The place is so large, and you cannot see all the sights in a day. As a warning, do not venture out alone and use a belt bag instead of your usual shoulder bag or backpack. Go out in groups or get a local escort to stay safe. As much as the place is a tourist’s paradise, it is also teeming with undesirable elements.

There are sedan taxis and buses that will take you to the heartland of V&A. Car rentals are also available, but do not take a quaff of your favorite wine before driving because driving under the influence is strictly prohibited.

Places to See

There are many places to feast your eyes on but do not miss these two:

• Historic Clock Tower. You cannot miss the Victorian-Gothic-style tower that faces the old docks. The red and white building housed the Port Captain’s office. Inside, there is a decorative mirror room that provided a view of the harbor. The old tide-gauge mechanism on the bottom floor is a curiosity for tourists so do not forget your digicam when you go a visiting. Catch some seals resting in seal landing ground within the Historic Clock Tower grounds.
• Two Oceans Aquarium. if you are ready for a dive to get up close to the resident sharks the place is for you. You can go down in a cage or if you have a PADI Open Water Certificate, you can go and dive with the sharks. It is also here that you will see the Kelp Forest Exhibit. Get a kick from feeding the fishes and seeing real giant kelps waving in the 8000,000 liters of seawater.

Where to Eat

Baia Seafood Restaurant. The place is the best seafood restaurant around that tickles the adventurous taste buds. Dine at the balcony and enjoy the view. For R100 or R200 you enjoy a meal fit for a king sans the wine.

Salero Tapas Bar is in the hip part of V&A Waterfront. Indulge your Spanish Tapa appetite here with a glass of sparkling champagne. 

There is much to see and do in Cape Town Waterfront and do not miss the best part of the holiday—great eats.

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