Know more about engagement party invitations

Traditional or modern engagement party invitation, one thing that is common in both is words. Besides giving all the necessary information, words used on the invitation, tell a lot about the couple. Their liking disliking, type of party, who is planning the party, etc. Wording styles for engagement party invitations can be classified under five […]

Unique Entertaining Numbers at Hens Party Hobart

It is a well known fact in the Western World that Hens Partying is mainly held for the woman who is soon going to get married. What perhaps are not quite known are that many kinds of partying often end in nasty thrills and outright indecency although they may look something acceptable in the current […]

Making a right decision of dress in wedding is mandatory

There are cases where brides are considered cruel because they want their friends (bridesmaid) to wear ugly gowns. Gowns that are pink and chiffon is the fabric and sometimes baby blue. This is ridiculous because you are a bride to be and you pick anything randomly for the bridesmaid. So, this partiality must be ended […]

In Russia My Brother’s Indian Wedding With a Russian Girl

It is not long time ago that my brother got married in Russia with a Russian girl. My brother Rahul got wed with Nikita. My brother is a surgeon in Moscow. He did his MBBS there and got job too after MBBS. He has become very fluent in Russian now and little bit Russian we […]

What to Do If Someone Gets Hurt at Your Wedding?

The wedding is the grandest event in a person’s life when he or she wants to make it as perfect as possible starting from welcoming the guests warmly by sending them Houston Wedding Invitations to offering them great food and drinks. While celebrating the union of two persons, many experiences different feelings and some can […]