Choose an affordable wedding venue———-Community Hall Wedding

Do you know which the cheapest wedding venue is? Maybe the answer is community hall.

Yes, community hall wedding can be the good choice for you.

If the prices of wedding venue such as hotels and golf clubs are making you feel faint, check out your local community hall to see if you can hold your wedding there.  While it is generally considered a budget option, there are a great number of advantages to hiring a community hall for your celebrations rather than a purpose built wedding venue.

The advantages:

• More space. Community halls usually have larger reception rooms than other wedding venues meaning that you can invite a much greater number of guests without breaking the bank. If you have written your ideal guest list, and feel that you need to halve it to make your wedding affordable, a community hall might be just the answer you’re looking for.

• Your own suppliers.  Many wedding venues expect you to use their wedding services, such as their catering, or at least to use their preferred suppliers.  If you hire a community hall you can look around for good deals on flowers, catering and entertainment, and can choose suppliers that will provide exactly what you want. Community halls usually have great facilities for caterers and entertainers.

• A casual feel.  Many couples want a casual, relaxed vibe to their wedding, but end up making more formal arrangements that are in keeping with the venue they have chosen.  With a community hall you can make your wedding as casual or formal as you like.  If you’d rather have a simple barbeque than a sit down dinner then that is easy to do.

• Flexibility.  Community halls often have an outdoor space as well as the hall itself, and if you want an outdoor wedding but don’t trust the weather to stay dry, a community hall offers you a degree of flexibility.  Set up your outdoor wedding so that everything can be moved inside if necessary and you can enjoy your big day without looking at the sky every two minutes.

The disadvantages:

Many people feel that a community hall doesn’t offer the same ambience as other types of wedding venue, and that it lacks the elegance of somewhere like a hotel.  Transforming a community hall into the wedding venue of your dreams may take a lot of hard work and imagination, and sourcing all your own suppliers can make the wedding planning process much harder. Some guests may feel that they don’t need to make much of an effort to dress up for a community hall wedding, or to buy an expensive gift, but don’t let this view put you off; your guests should realize that your marriage union is far more significant than the formality of your wedding venue.

With a community hall, you might not get an elegant venue for your wedding, but you will be able to invite more people and have more of an influence on your style of wedding celebration. If the party is more important to you than the building itself, a community hall could be just the ticket.

Every coin has two sides, but what is your idea about this hall wedding venue?


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