Cinque Terre in the Rain – 10 Things to Do

If you go to Cinque Terre for the hiking, as many people do, the rain can put a damper on your trip. Trails can become treacherous when they are wet, and could possibly be closed for safety reasons.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a fabulous time in Cinque Terre. Accept that hiking is better left for next time, and follow the suggestions below:

1. Spend more time in each village, taking the train to travel to each

2. Visit the boutiques that feature local artisans for items such as jewellery and ceramics

3. Visit at least one enoteca and have a wine tasting to expand your knowledge and experience of the local wines.

4. If it is only raining, with no thunder or lightning, you can still swim! Just avoid slippery rocks, so swim from the beaches of Monterosso or Vernazza

5. There are a lot of options for a day trip, again allowing you to spend more time in other towns than you might otherwise – such as Pisa or Lucca

6. Visit the olive oil museum in Cinque Terre

7. For a local flavor, take the bus between villages, a different experience from train, ferry or by foot, and it gives a different appreciation of the landscape.

8. Play cards with the locals whether or not you play cards when at home!

9. Have progressive meals. Have an appetizer in one village, main course in the next and dessert in another. Or, if you prefer, stay in one village, but go to different restaurants for each course.

10. Enjoy the beauty of the rain and the storm, and the quieter, less hectic atmosphere it provides.

So, regardless of the weather, it is always possible to enjoy Cinque Terre! Luckily, the best things aren’t affected by the rain – the beauty, the food and the people are all still wonderful!

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