Consider Investing in an EB-5 Regional Center in Nevada

If living in the southwestern region of the United States sounds like something you would enjoy, consider checking out the EB-5 regional center located in Nevada. The Nevada Regional Economic Development Center, or NREDC, is interested in potential immigrants from other countries who would like to set up a new business in the area. If you have $500,000 and a business plan, this could be the place for you.

The NREDC is one of only about 40 Regional Centers approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS. If you want to help out a Targeted Employment area known for its particularly high unemployment rate, this center should be of interest to you. It offers you the chance to become a business owner in the United States with a $500,000 investment, in an area where you can make a difference.

An EB-5 regional center is perfect if you do not have the $1 million investment needed to obtain a typical EB-5 visa. The investment is cut in half because the areas designated as such need your help more than anywhere else. This particular center is in the always busy Las Vegas, which is teeming with tourists, locals, and things to do around the clock. The potential in the hospitality industry is high here, especially in areas dealing with the service industry and transportation. This is likely due to the huge amount of tourists, as about 40 million people visited in 2008.

Other growing industries in Las Vegas include building infrastructure and waste management, which also indirectly deal with the tourist franchise. Investors at this center will have a choice in what projects they participate in. As long as their investment helps create more than ten jobs for U.S. citizens, even indirectly, they will have met the main objectives included in the EB-5 visa.

Specific planned projects at the NREDC total more than $400 million, with about $60 million earmarked for a new hotel. It is planned to have about 600 rooms, and while many might wonder why a new hotel is necessary in a city full of them, the answer is that Las Vegas is always growing and has room for more for hospitality-related buildings. Other plans include new medical centers and businesses that cater to the technology industry, both of which are clearly industries that will continue to grow indefinitely.

The NREDC might have the plans in place, but this center needs new investors at all times to help see the plans to fruition. Anyone looking to come to the United States legally with their families within the next six months should look into the EB-5 visa. Those with a limited investment that doesn’t quite reach necessary $1 million for the typical visa of this sort should consider putting $500,000 into this EB-5 regional center. The chance to make a difference and live in a sunny southwest city with plenty to do year round is worth it to many immigrant investors.

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