Cooking School Scholarships: How to Qualify

Do you have a dream about going to a culinary institute? Scholarships are an important vehicle to relieve the financial burden of tuition fees, books and other expenses for students. Contrary to popular believes scholarships are available in lesser-known areas including pottery training, culinary schools and fashion design programs. Chefs and other workers in the cuisine industry make up to 30% of United States workforce. Cooking and catering are lucrative professions and have been attracting an increasing number of students each year.

A number of culinary scholarships are available for students who want to pursue a career in this line but are unable to do so financially on their own. Students can also win scholarships for hospitality, food service, restaurant management and other food specific areas such as pastry and baking.

Some scholarships are awarded by organizations and alumni associated with the particular school you are applying to. Many individuals who are famous in this field offer funding as well. You can also get an offer to work with them if you perform well For instance, the James Beard Foundation and the Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation offer such scholarships

States such as Hawaii, California, Florida, and New York are major tourist destinations and constantly require fresh talent in cooking and catering. One way to get culinary scholarships is through your current employer if you are already working in a restaurant. Employers and famous hospitality groups offer funds to employees who have an outstanding record of accomplishment. These scholarships usually come with a bond of service between employer and employee. This means that you will have a job when you graduate and a commitment.

Many national societies such as the National Italian American Foundation offer scholarships to Italian American students. The New England Culinary Institute has a scholarship fund, which offers a number of scholarships. The American Academy of Chef’s Chair Scholarship is offered to students who are already enrolled in full time programs and have shown good performance. IFA Educational Foundation Minorities in Hospitality Scholars Program offers grant money to minorities enrolled in hospitality programs.

The key to get a good scholarship is to perform well and maintain a good record of performance. Also there are many other types of scholarships you can also get to supplement your education.

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