Could You Be Dating a Dangerous Person?

Whether you got back into dating recently or have been for a while, have you found the right one to spend time with?

For so many people out there dating, it can be a challenge meeting the one to click with.

That said you always want to be sure your safety is the top priority when in the dating world.

While most dating scenarios never get to a dangerous point, some do end up in the danger zone.

With that thought in mind, could you be dating a dangerous person?

Looking for Signs of Concern

If something seems amiss with the person you are dating, how best to put your finger on what may be going on?

First, do you have an inkling they may be in trouble with law enforcement?

If you suspect that your date may have an issue or two with the law, it would be worth your time to do an Internet search.

Whether you look at Ada County warrants or those elsewhere, you may find out online if the person is wanted. With their full name, you can do an online warrant search to see if the person is on the run or dealing with a bench warrant. If they are, you all but have two choices in front of you.

One, you can confront them about it in a non-threatening manner. Asking them to be upfront with you is something you may consider.

Second, you could decide all the drama and even potential danger to you is not worth your time. As such, you would move on from them.

Your best bet is to go with your gut instincts. Remember; never put yourself in a position where your safety could be in danger.

How Did You Meet Them on the First Place?

How you met this individual and maybe others like them in the first place is something you need to review.

That said are you relying on online dating to meet individuals?

For many single people, online dating has become a way of life over recent years. Since its start, it has grown in popularity for several reasons.

Often, online dating seems to be gaining in popularity because it is a rather easy way to meet other people.

Instead of having to sit in a bar or rely on a blind date, there is the ability through online dating to get to know someone. This can be done through emails, text messages and even talking on the phone.

Once again, be careful in what kinds of information you divulge. Even giving out your phone number may give you some pause. Your best bet is going the email route until you feel comfortable in talking with them by phone.

Last, do not be in rush to get involved with someone you meet. If it is meant to be, things should evolve over time.

In your efforts to stay on top of your life, be sure you always lookout for you at all times.

Not doing so can put you in more than a precarious position.

So, is it time to start dating again?

Clare Louise Author