Cyprus Gay Bars

Despite the fact that Cyprus has a reputation for being socially conservative, Cyprus gay bars are still around to support the gay community in Cyprus. Many of the old country folks in Cyprus do believe that homosexuality is immoral, however, ever since the Cyprus membership into the European Union, Cyprus has slowly begun to adopt more liberal stances on issues such as homosexuality. The younger community have a far more liberal attitude to gay love than their parents and this attitude is driving the change in culture. Because of this, gay bars do exist, and you will have an easy time blending in with the gay community in Cyprus. The clubs and pubs which are gay friendly can sometimes take some finding but one of the best ways of locating them is to get to know the local gay community who will be more than happy to show you around and identify the best places to visit. The internet is an obvious place to start.

Because Cyprus is often viewed as a land of myth and romance, it is an exciting place to visit and a beautiful location for the gay traveler. When you are in Cyprus, you will notice that the most extensive gay communities will be found in its largest city of Nicosia, which is also its capital city. Here Cypriot gay bars will not be difficult to find and you will have no trouble relaxing in some of the most beautiful scenery around.

Traveling within Cyprus is very easy, particularly if you have experience traveling within the European Union. The Euro is the currency of use and English is widely spoken across the country to aid you in your travel assistance. The gay scene itself is growing every year, and bars are located all across the country in its larger areas of Nicosia, Paphos, and Limassol. When you are in Paphos, you will definitely want to check out the Kaliwas Lounge, or if you are in Limassol, the hottest gay bars are known as the ‘Alaloum’ and the ‘Jackare’. Everywhere you go in this great country you will find stunning scenery, pounding bars and clubs and they even drive on the left!

If you are looking for gay friendly establishments during your daylight hours, you will find many gay friendly or operated services in Cyprus, and specifically in Nicosia. Be sure to check out the gay friendly cafes of Oktana and Room 27.

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