Denver Tourist Attraction – Denver Art Museum

Each art museum is known for specific kinds of exhibits. The Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado, with more than 55,000 exhibits across the world, is known for Native American art. More than 16,000 pieces of Native American art are presented in the museum, representing more than 100 Indian tribes in North America. The museum was the first art museum in the country to collect Native American artifacts. There are many Indian exhibits, including Northwest Coast woodcarving, painted leather garments from the Naskapi, twined weaving from the Winnebago, weaving done by the Navajo, pottery from the Pueblo tribe, beadwork from the Plains Indians, and basketry from California.

The Denver Art Museum has exhibits concerning many subjects, including design and graphics, architecture, native arts (representing Indian art, Oceanic art, and African art), New World, including pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial, European and American paintings and sculptures, Textile art, and Western art.

The Denver Museum of Art has an Oceanic Art section that has art from all the island groups, including 18th and 19th century woodcarvings from Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga. The Melanesian collection has masterpieces from New Ireland and Papa New Guinea. There are contemporary works too, including drawings, paintings, and prints.

There are more than 1,000 pieces in the African collection in the Denver Museum of Art, including exquisite pieces of sculpture, jewelry, textiles, drawings, printing, and paintings, that are all quite rare. There are also woods, metals, and fibers, among other materials. There are paintings and other contemporary expressions, including prints, and videos. The contemporary work was done by notable, living artists. There is even an iPod area that features contemporary African music. In the area, you can create rubbings from African designs. Children will love the movie area.

The New World collection features more than 5,500 objects, including stone, ceramic objects, gold, jade, paintings, sculpture, furniture, and silver.

In the Denver Museum of Art there are more than 3,000 European and American paintings, prints, and sculptures through the early 19th century. There are many beautiful Renaissance and 19th-century French paintings. There are American paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings from all major time frames of American art before 1945. The museum features the work of include Georgia O’Keefe, Botticelli, Pissarro, Defendente Ferrari, Monet, Matisse, Picasso, and other prominent artists.

The Berger collection, in the Denver Museum of Art, has one of the largest private collections of British art in the world, from six centuries, including as Thomas Gainsborough and Edward Lear.

These are just some of the many fine collections of art and subject matters featured in the Denver Museum of Art. Those who visit are sure to see many more fine collections and subject matters not discussed here.

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