Despedida de soltero – A New Trend for Bachelor Parties – Take the Plane and Party

The words bachelor party itself conjures wild images in our minds. These images include drunken men, women strippers, men with their tongues lolling out, great food and unlimited drinks isn’t it? Well, now the scene is changing bit by bit and stags and their buddies are hopping onto flights for weekend getaways for their bachelor parties. They are extremely comfortable flying to different locales for their stag nights. Due to the slash in the rates of commuting, there is a rising trend of men traveling from one place to another for a memorable and exciting stag night or weekend.

These parties are where men talk about the old times and relationships and bond very well with each other. Grooms-to-be are given advices from their buddies on the pros and cons of marital life.

Going to strip bars and drinking uncontrollably at bachelors parties might be fun but is slowly becoming outdated and mundane. After all, it is the same thing that the men are doing for years together.

Grooms-to-be have now started traveling to different destinations for a rollicking weekend with close buddies. What you need to do is just decide on the destination, get into the plane, reach the destination and have the time of your life.

Cities like Barcelona, Montreal, New Orleans, Miami, Las Vegas, etc are the ultimate destinations for bachelor parties. Some of the adventurous activities that the bachelors show interest in are rock climbing, parachuting, sky diving, fishing, whitewater rafting, etc.

Las Vegas undeniably is the hottest and most happening place for stag nights. It has uncountable night bars, pubs, discotheques and most importantly strip bars. It is also home to theme parks, which have rides that are similar to a near death experience. New Orleans is again a popular place for stag parties and you can see people celebrating here.

Stags and their buddies are ever ready to travel to Barcelona for the stag do since this beautiful and picturesque place is home to raunchy and adult night clubs and also has a string of theme parks. People traveling to these places can be rest assured to have a gala time since they can indulge themselves in sports during the afternoons and have a party in the night. People who are not too much into sports can have a relaxing time at the beach and get sun tanned.

Groups that need help regarding information of different places they want to visit during the weekend can surf the internet and get as much information as possible. The tourism people of the concerned places are always ready to help and provide with the right details and help plan the ultimate bachelor party that one has been looking forward to.

Another trend that is slowly gaining pace is to pack your bags for a weekend with your close buddies, which provides one with the perfect environment to bring back old times and give way to a new life. Also, people have no qualms traveling cross country to celebrate their last days of bachelorhood.

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