Discover the Museums and Galleries in Sacramento

Sacramento, the beautiful capital city of California, famous for the historic gold rush, has now emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Though Old Sacramento is known for its gilded past, its modern day image is highlighted by tall, gleaming buildings, a dynamic art scene and museums, historic monuments and elegant galleries. The year round pleasant weather has also contributed to the increase in the number of tourists, making it a travelers paradise. With an extensive range of outdoor and daytime activities, fine dining and dazzling nightlife, it has become a must-visit place in most travelers itineraries.

Some of Sacramento well-known museums and galleries are discussed below:

The California State Military Museum: Located at 1119 Second Street in the Old Sacramento State Historical Park, the California State Military museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Governor Pete Wilson opened this museum in 1991, and it is the official military museum and historical research center of the State of California. The museum houses over 30,000 artifacts along with a substantial library and archives. It also has five satellite museums located at Camp Roberts in southern Monterey County, Fresno Air National Guard Base, and the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base in Orange County, Camp San Luis Obispo, and the National Guard Armory in San Diego. It also maintains relations with the McClellan Aviation Museum at the former McClellan AFB in North Highlands as well as the Sons of the Revolution in the State of California Library in Glendale.

The California State Indian Museum: Located in the downtown area of Sacramento, this museum displays exhibits and artifacts showcasing the culture of the earliest inhabitants of the state. Basketry, clothing, and beadwork are some of the artifacts displayed in the museum. The exhibits also include the ongoing traditions of various California Native American groups. It also has a display about Ishi, who is thought to be the last of the Yahi Indians. Moreover, the museum arranges a number of special events throughout the year.

Wells Fargo History Museum: The Wells Fargo History Museum is a compact museum inside the restored B.F. Hastings Building. It takes its visitors back in time to visit the old Wells Fargo Agents office. The exhibits in the museum illustrate how Wells Fargo rode the river of gold flowing through Sacramento, kept the famed Pony Express going, as well as how he helped the State Government in the early days.

Exploding Head Gallery: The Exploding Head Gallery features present day art and ceramics, showcasing the works of local, national and international artists. This gallery is located in the center of downtown Sacramento, and it has monthly rotating exhibitions, and a broad selection of unique ceramic artworks within the 1800 square feet of exhibition and retail space.

It was opened in 2001 to share the innovative art, ceramics and the creative spirit of artists with collectors and the general public. Jodi de Vries and Linda Welch opened this gallery in downtown Sacramento. The gallery hosts twelve different exhibitions every year, with at least four of them dedicated to sculptural ceramics. The gallery also carries a unique selection of paintings, prints and drawings, along with the functional and non-functional ceramic works. A unique exhibit of the gallery is the work done on paper. This gallery works towards inculcating discernment, appreciation as well as awareness of modern styles, expressions and media.

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