Dubai Attractions You Can’t Miss!

Are you planning a visit to Dubai? This city has become very popular for tourism; there are many things that attract visitors to this beautiful city. In this article I will talk about the top places you need to visit if you travel to Dubai. So let’s get started and find out what are some of the top Dubai attractions!

The Al Ahmadiya School – This is the oldest school in Dubai, it was built in the year 1912, and now is the Museum of Education.

Seawings – This is one of the favorite attractions is Dubai, thanks to Seawings, you’ll have the opportunity to look at the city from a plane, remember those amazing pictures you have found from Dubai? Well, thanks to this service you can take your own!

Desert Safari Dubai – This is a unique experience to live if you haven’t been in a desert before; this is the land that surrounds the modern city. One of the most amazing things you can do is experience the moonlight at midnight in an oasis in the desert. Here many people also practice falconry. Be sure to choose a reputable service offering these kind of trips.

Golf Courses. For people who love gold, here you can find a couple of excellent Dubai gold courses: The Dubai Creek Gold and Yacht Club, and The Emirates Golf Club. There have been many famous players who have played in these fields, including the man of the controversy right now, Tiger Woods.

Beaches. The beaches in Dubai are simply breath taking, and you can find a never-ending area of them! If you are staying on a beach hotel, you will find that most of the 5 star options have a private beach area for guests, but there are also a lot of open beaches. This matches perfectly with the sub-tropical weather of this beautiful city.

These are just some of the Dubai attractions you will find in your trip, there are a lot more as we haven’t talked about family activities, or nightlife. For a complete tourist guide where you will find all the info you could possibly want, check out All Things Dubai.

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