Eastern Europe: A Surprisingly Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Until the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall, Eastern Europe was one of the last places of the world where Westerners would have considered spending their honeymoons.  It was a place of foreboding gray and Communist red architecture, where the once vibrant cultures of the independent Eastern European nations had been subdued into ideology.

The Eastern Europe of today, however, is a honeymooners’ delight, with welcoming locals, affordable accommodations, mesmerizing history, and unforgettable scenery.  From the bustle of the market squares in the major cities to the quiet, almost surreal surroundings of Lake Bled, your Eastern European honeymoon will have something you will not find anywhere else.

Honeymooning in Eastern Europe will let you experience cultures as varied as the geography of their nations.  You can spend one day basking on the golden beaches or biking through the vineyards of Crete, and another strolling along Vienna’s Kohlmarket, where you can relax with cake and coffee at Demel, perhaps the premier chocolatier in all of Europe.

If the romance of ancient ruins captivates you, head for the village of all Pula on the southwestern Croatian coast.  As long ago as 177 BC, Pula was an outpost of the Roman Empire at its amphitheater dates back to the first century.  The amphitheater, which measures 435′ x 345′ is one of the best preserved of all those built by the Romans.  You will be able to visit its lower levels, where both gladiators and wild animals were housed until they were ready to do battle.

You will find other historical treasures in every major city of Eastern Europe, for Warsaw and Kraków in Poland to Budapest in Hungary.  A marvelous way to spend your Eastern European honeymoon would be to focus on the sites along the Danube Bend, which flows past the Hungarian towns of Szentendre, Visegrad, and Esztergom.  If you are honeymooning between April and the end of October, you can book passage on a boat excursion in Budapest, and enjoy the marvelous scenery and hilltop castles as you glide along the Danube to the town of your choice.

Your honeymoon in Eastern Europe will give you and your new spouse both a romantic getaway, and an adventure in one of the world’s most newly revitalized areas!

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