Eurostar London Paris Train

If you’re planning to take a train from London to Paris, then Eurostar is the way to go. Eurostar is a high-speed train service that provides a super-fast connection from London to Paris. The service operates from London’s St. Pancras International Station to the Gare du Nord Station in the heart of Paris. Services from London to Disneyland Resort Paris and other seasonal destinations in France are also available.

Eurostar is a viable alternative to air travel from the UK to Europe. Eurostar London Paris train takes just 2 hours and 15 minutes. The actual flying time for a London to Paris flight might be less than the train ride, but if you consider the time spent in commuting to and from the airport and the waiting time in between, then Eurostar definitely works out faster. This train is also more comfortable and convenient than flying. Journeys can turn out to be excellent sightseeing tours as trains pass through the beautiful the countryside of Kent and Northern France. Meals are served on board for Business Premier First Class passengers and are accompanied by metal cutlery and half-bottles of wine, on the house. Eurostar is a 100% non-smoking service.

Eurostar London to Paris fares start at £59 return on 2nd class. First class fares cost £149 return. The basic cost of an air ticket may be lower, but if you include airport taxes and the cost of commuting between city and airport, Eurostar tickets are likely to work out cheaper. Trains ply from St. Pancras International in Central London to Gare du Nord in Central Paris, at approximately one hour intervals, on all days of the year barring Christmas Day. Trains to Brussels are slightly less frequent. Some trains also stop at Ebsfleet International, Ashford International and Lille to pick up passengers. Lille is the primary interchange point for French TGV high-speed trains.

Eurostar London Paris train have an excellent track record of reaching their destinations on time. On an average over 90% of trains arrive on time or within 15 minutes of their scheduled times, in contrast to just 62.3% for flights on the same route. Eurostar is therefore the preferred mode of travel and it is no surprise that Eurostar Paris trains have captured over 70% of the London to Paris market from airlines.

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