Festivals / Fairs in Sacramento

Sacramento, the capital city of California has had the distinction of being termed as Americas Most Integrated City. From Greek to Asian to Croatian, and all that is in between, the city boasts of a rich cultural heritage and diverse multi-ethnic forms, which is reflected in its yearly festivals and fairs and other celebrations. In some ways, this beautiful city owes its strength of character and ambiance to its versatile past and hence the many diverse offerings and celebrations. Old Sacramento, which is situated on the waterfront, boasts of surviving remnants from the gold rush period, and the world famous Fort Sutter.

From the Greek Food Festival to the Croatian Extravaganza to the Dragon Drum Boat Festival, this citys eclectic fusion of cultures reflects its acceptance and reception of diversity. The Sacramento Opera, the Sacramento Area Performing Arts, and the Sacramento Ballet, are fine examples of the refined and sophisticated manner in which this city entertains the locals as well as its visitors. Also, if you want to experiment with different styles, the Studio Theatre or the California Music Circus might seem like good options.

Sacramento is home to several festivals and fairs, and people from all over the world flock towards this city. The festivals and fairs within this city have made enormous contributions towards increasing and expanding the economy of Sacramento. Every year, the traditional Jazz Music Festival is held over the Memorial Day weekend. Another popular event is The California State Fair, which attracts scores of tourists from all over the world. Held each year for the past 152 years, this fair attracts more than a million tourists every year and offers loads of entertaining performances and other fun exhibits. With its petting zoo and its livestock show, this fair is an all time favorite with the children, as they are even allowed to milk goats and cows.

The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove features colorfully costumed dancers and symphony musicians, producing music by Johann Strauss, Viennas Waltz King. Situated on the edge of the lake, this festival is held for four days in the last week of July every year. Pleasant evening breezes and warm lights reflected on the surface of the water make this festival a beautiful sight. The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee attracts hundreds of people from all over. With the abundance of food and music, this festival is one of the most famous ones around. The Sacramento Jazz Festival is another big festival. The Japanese Cultural Bazaar is very famous and visitors from all over flock here to experience this.

Being a haven for the culturally inclined, Sacramento has visitors flocking towards it from different states as well as different countries. Situated in a picturesque valley of luxuriant tree canopies and meandering rivers, Sacramento offers diverse cultural and ethnic influences. From the restaurants to the festivals and fairs, Sacramento is a virtual kaleidoscope of entertainment. Home to the last remains of the Gold Rush days; this modern day metropolis has loads of festivals, fairs and bazaars, making it an exiting tourist destination for the rich and the famous.

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