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You are facing a dispute you have questions about a legal situation; you want advice on starting your business or writing a lease; you want to prepare your estate. There are many situations where you are thinking of consulting an attorney like Desmond Law Office, PLLC.

But how to choose?

There is obviously no one answer to this question.

  1. The first means obviously remains “word of mouth”.

You have heard of me by one of your acquaintances.If “word of mouth” remains a very good way to choose your lawyer, we draw your attention however to the fact that it is still necessary to check if the company, who has advised your knowledge so well, is competent for the subject matter. About which you wish, you, consult it.

In fact, the law is becoming more complex and lawyers are becoming more and more specialized, so that if the company has been able to help your knowledge on a succession and matrimonial problem, it will probably not be able to help you on a question of competition law. Just as if the company has given you a sharp opinion on tax law, they will probably not be able to deliver to you such a sharp opinion on juvenile law.

In other words: find out about you; take note of the names of lawyers recommended to you by your acquaintances; but make sure that these lawyers are as competent about the legal situation you want to see as they were about the legal situation they had to know with your knowledge.

  1. What if the lawyer who was recommended to you cannot help you because your problem is too far from his / her area of ​​expertise?

On most of these sites, there is a search form easy to handle, which allows to search for lawyers according to their preferred subject.

Research Lawyer Copyright

Today, these means are no longer exclusive to find his lawyer. These websites are a precious mine of information for you to form an opinion on a lawyer. You will find, to varying degrees, data on these lawyers: their areas of activity, their past successes, their CV, the topics they write on their blog online, etc.

So obviously, it is not necessarily to stop on the first site found on Google, because it is not because a lawyer is well referenced on Google that necessarily it will be the one that suits you best (this lawyer can be at the top of Google results because his site is the oldest). But I encourage you to consult several sites, to compare them and not to hesitate to contact these lawyers (because nothing replaces a first appointment, telephone or face to face).

Conclusion: Choosing a lawyer is not easy, but in my humble opinion, you need to combine the various tips outlined above: ask your knowledge if they know or have had a positive experience with it they think they are a “good” lawyer.

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