Fitur 2011 – International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid

Tourism and Travel – the ever-changing, exciting sector for holidays reaches its climate in January 2011 in Madrid, when the Fitur 2010 is hosted from January 19th until January 23th in the capital of Spain, in the Feria de Madrid, the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I. The Fitur 2011 is a platform aimed towards the tourism related companies; tour operators, travel agencies or hotels in Madrid will all meet at this important fair, which will take place for the 31st time.

Madrid as Spains centerpiece proves to be the perfect location for the Fitur 2010, as Europe’s third biggest capital, where famous trade shows and fairs are exhibited each year. The River Manzanares runs through the city, which also offers a lot of sights to its visitors. From the Museo del Prado, to the Plaza Mayor, the Palacio Real and the Cathedral La Almudena, discovering Madrid means to discover Spain’s rich cultural history, whether in the old city of Madrid or the hospitality of the Madrileños, the inhabitants of the city. The Fitur is organized by the IFEMA Trade Fair Centre and accommodations near IFEMA should be easy to find, regarding the fact that the city is a popular destination for holidays itself.

And where to host such a trade show about tourism better than in Spain’s capital, one of the most popular countries for spending holidays?

The Fitur 2011 International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid will attract visitors from all over the world, professional businessmen as well as private persons interested in the newest developments and technologies supporting international and national travels and journeys. To improve and strengthen touristical activities and take innovative measures to keep track with the current and future situation is the goal of this exciting trade show. Management and service will meet during the Fitur 2011 and discuss the ever-changing demands of the market and its clients.

Focus will also be on the social media sites, a new, fast and effective way to reach clients and communicate with each other. The Fitur 2011 will explore the possibilities of social media to help visitors enjoying the benefits of their holiday, with the newest technologies and equipments. Furthermore, research on the sector will be provided during the trade show, as the tourism sector recovered the fasted after the economical circumstances.

Madrid, Spain’s capital, will expect more than 10.000 exhibitors from over 166 countries during the International Tourism Trade Fair, along with more than 120.000 participating business professionals from the 19th until the 23rd January 2011.

With the Madrid airport nearby, destination for flights from all over the world and suitable hotels in Madrid in the city, the Fitur 2011 will be accessible easily and should be visited by anyone interested in the tourism sector – hotels and travel agencies as well as travelers and visitors to Madrid or Spain. You can an accommodation through, who is offering a variety of apartments and hotels in Madrid.

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