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The Second World War was an event that continues to shape the modern world. The utter destruction it caused led to revolutions, reforms, and realignments that all but defined the last seventy years. The rise of Fascism in Italy, Militarism in Italy, and National Socialism in German put the leading military and industrial powers on Earth on a collision course with one another. The latter in particular consisted of an evil so monstrous and insane that the mind still boggles at the human destruction it wrought.

That said the Third Reich as a historical fact cannot be easily dismissed. If you are lover of history and a collector of items and artifacts from it, then you would certainly be interested in nazi memorabilia.

The thing about Nazi Germany is that it produced on a large scale. For twelve years, from the rise of Adolph Hitler to the Chancellorship in 1933 to his ultimate fall in 1945, Germany was in the iron grip of his maniacal and menacing power. An extensive and far-flung organization was established in Germany under a single power that controlled every aspect of German life. Flags, uniforms, insignia, covers, belt buckles, silver ware, fine china, instruments and symbols of all sorts were made and molded with graven images of Nazism.

To have any such items in one’s personal collection is to have a piece of history. It is to revisit in the mind and imagination a time in quite different from our own—a time defined by a power that for six years set the world on fire.

People all often mistake the motives and opinions of persons who collect Nazi memorabilia and other items from both sides of the Second World War. They often think that they are sick individuals who have made it a habit of celebrating the abominable crimes committed by the Axis powers. While there are individuals who do that it does not represent the whole. If you are like most such collectors, you find the thrill of tactile contact with any such object to be irresistible, and that having it in your collection to be a source of enrichment to your historical imagination.

It is important to remember that the Nazis left their stamp on every feature of German society. A lot of memorabilia collecting nowadays tends to go beyond SS uniforms and the like. Many collectors are now interested in everyday items used by ordinary Germans which bore the stamp of the ruling party of that time. There is also a rush to find items used by the German army that fought in North Africa.

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