Get your California DUI Charges Dropped

Just because you got a DUI, it does not mean that you have to suffer from all the penalties. It is possible that you can have them dropped completely, or atleast have the charges against you decreased. Either way, it is beneficial to contest your DUI case and attempt to win your case.

A lot of factors can play a roll in the outcome of your DUI Case. There are a lot of good attorneys in California and Arizona that are able to have DUI cases dropped. The reason is because some times officers make mistakes when they are doing proceedures.

Here is a small list of reasons that your DUI charges can be dropped:

  • False reading from the Breath Alcohol Test
  • Police officer failed to read you your Miranda Rights
  • The Officer lacked probable cause for your arrest
  • Your blood alcohol was rising after you were pulled over
  • The officer did not watch you consistently for 15 minutes before giving you a Blood Alcohol breathalizer – if you burp or hiccup this can cause faulty numbers
  • Mouth Alcohol can contaminate Breath Alcohol test results

There are a lot more reasons that you can have your DUI charges dropped for. You will have more chances of winning your DUI case if you have an experienced attorney helping you. Not only will they be able to find loopholes, but you can continue on with your life as they do the research and appear in court for you.

California laws are becoming more strict when it comes to getting a DUI, this is why it is important to defend your case. Pleading guilty will only give you all the charges that come with a DUI. There are even cases of people getting a DUI when they were not even driving their car. A person can receive a DUI if they are standing outside next to their car with the keys in their pocket. The officer can say that he or she had the intent to drive, and book them with a DUI. So fight against your DUI charges and get a consultation from a DUI attorney.

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