Get Your California Teacher Certification and Start Teaching Today!

The economy isn’t great right now and many people are struggling not only to make ends meet but to find a job, there are millions of job openings that existed a year ago that are not around today. Instead of hiring new employees companies are cutting back on existing employees, this is one of the reasons that the unemployment rate is at an all-time high. There are not many jobs that are hiring but if you have your California teacher certification you may be able to teach.

Teaching is one of the occupations that no matter how poorly the economy is doing you will still be able to teach, this is because there are always people who need to be taught something whether it is children in 1st grade who need to learn the alphabet, or even adults who need to go back to school to get the GED. If you are planning on teaching there is a list of special exams that have to be taken before you get certified it is through these exams that your knowledge is tested about the education system as well as what you are trying to teach. Depending on the age and subjects that you are planning to teach you will be tested on different subject matter.

There are many great benefits of getting your California teacher certification and one of them is that the average elementary school salary for teachers in California is over $45,000, which is an excellent amount of money considering there are so many people who cannot even find jobs during this difficult time. For secondary school the average salary is more than $60,000, which has a nice ring to it as well, this is in addition to the 15+ week vacation time offered to teachers is an excellent way for someone to make a living. One of the things that teachers in California find to be the best thing about teaching is making the lesson plans, you can find lesson plans wherever you look.

A lesson plan is something that the teacher makes in order to fit something into a certain topic that they are teaching. For example if a teacher is studying evolution or how things change from one thing to another in nature the teacher may be able to make a lesson plan about caterpillars. In this lesson plan the teacher and the class can learn about the different stages that a caterpillar goes through in order to turn into a butterfly, this can be a very exciting lesson plan for young children as they can learn to watch and be patient with experiments that may take longer than a few days. An example of a lesson plan for a California certified teacher for someone in secondary school would be a plan of how water evaporates into air.

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