Great Out of the Way Places in Oregon

Oregon is often one of those places that everyone knows is out there but very few ever consider visiting on a vacation. Perhaps this is because the weather is so unpredictable. While it’s true that a day in Oregon can incorporate snow, hail, rain, wind and 90 degree temperatures (all within an hour), that is simply part of its charm! Believe it or not, there is quite a bit to see and do in the middle state on the Pacific West Coast.

If you are thinking about visiting Oregon, you are probably looking at Portland. Portland is Oregon’s largest city and has quite a varied population. Eugene is the other major metropolitan area, located a couple of hours outside of Portland on the I-5 corridor. Both have quite a lot to offer tourists, but consider the following locations as well:

Newport: Newport, located on Oregon’s savage and beautiful coastline is a hidden gem for tourists. This is the perfect place for people who want to get away and spend some time snuggled next to the Pacific. Walk into town for some world famous clam chowder and visit some of the quirky shops. At one time there was a shop dedicated one hundred percent to cats—cat toys, cat themed home items, etc. Newport is also home to the Newport Aquarian—a world renowned oceanic exploration zone. This is the aquarium that Keiko called home before being flown on to Iceland. It is also home of one of the country’s premiere Shark Tanks!

The Southern Oregon Coast: South of Newport you will find a string of eclectic and beautiful tiny towns. Stop in at any one for a taste of small town charm! Burgers at the Main Street Diner in Reedsport are a must eat as is a stop at the now famous Sportsmann’s Cannery in Winchester Bay! Many people believe that the Oregon coastline surrounding these towns is well suited toward the generation of wave energy. Take a drive along the 101 and find out why!

Bend. Bend is located in central Oregon and is a great place for people who want to go hiking in a desert valley and go skiing—all in the same trip! Bend is growing quickly and is starting to compete with Portland and Eugene as far as population epicenters go. For some of Oregon’s great wildlife and hiking, consider taking a weekend getaway in Bend or in any of the small towns that surround it!

Oregon is considered by many to be a hidden gem (and most of the residents of the state enjoy the “hidden” part of that statement) of a vacation spot. Outdoors enthusiasts especially love Oregon because it has hiking, fishing, biking, skiing, hunting, sailing, climbing and other fun outdoors activities. For those who prefer the city life, Portland offers skyscrapers and a concrete paradise while Eugene is famous for its earthy reputation. No matter what you’re looking for (short of tropical temperatures and weather conditions), you’ll find it in Oregon!

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