Great Places To Stay In New York City

Everyone knows that if you visit New York City that you will never have a difficult time finding a wonderfully extravagant hotel. Reservations are always required and you must be prepared for the extravagant price it will cost you to stay at the best hotels as well. If you can afford to stay at the upscale locations that is great, but not all of us who like to travel have to be a little less extravagant if we want to be able to afford the trip at all.

It is not shocking that visiting a city as grand as New York can cost you an arm and a leg. This does not have to be the case if you plan your trip well in advance and search the internet diligently for the most affordable accommodations. After all, you are going to this great city to see the sites, not necessarily the inside of the place you will be sleeping.
The more money you save on your hotel or motel, the more money you will have to spend doing more interesting things.

A frugal traveler will probably already know these things, but if you are new to visiting places like New York City, then planning your trip well will keep you from running short of cash and perhaps preventing you from doing all that you would like to while you are there. A lot of times people think that staying right near Times Square will be the best idea, but it will not be the cheapest. You might wish to try the East or West Village, or the lower East side. Staying in these areas may also give you a more inside view of life in the big city instead of just a visitor view.

You can always stay at some of the nationwide chain motels that always offer affordable rates, but you can also look for individually owned small hotels or boarding houses. These can be just as affordable as a chain motel and may give you a more homelike atmosphere to stay in. Bed and breakfast type establishments are very popular, especially for couples. Staying in a place like a B&B will be much more romantic than some cookie cutter motel room with the plain white towels and hard mattresses.

Any vacation that turns out well is usually the result of careful budgeting and planning. Start looking for the best accommodations that you can afford at least two months in advance to make sure you end up staying at the best place you can for your money.

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